old powerbook G4 w/bad optical drive and I need to reset the main admin password.

Discussion in 'macOS' started by advres, Dec 8, 2009.

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    Oct 3, 2003
    So here's the deal. I retired my old powerbook g4 when I got my MBP about a 1.5 years ago. Due to a fire at my storage unit I have lost all my OS disks except for Snow Leopard which I have here since I bought it recently.

    Anyway, I just moved and wanted to let my new room mate use the PB. I turned it on and it seems I forgot the password to the only account on the machine. It's kinda weird because I only have a few system passwords I generally use and I tried them all. I tried booting from my SL disk to change the password but the optical drive wasn't working. I didn't know if that would work anyway since it is a much newer OS and a powerPC.

    So, I have a MBP with 10.6, a Dual G5 with 10.5 and this powerbook with 10.5. Anyway to get this password changed?

    Can I target disk mode this thing in anyway to either the MBP or the G5 and run the software that is on the SL disk to fix my problem? Do I have to do a fresh install?

    This comp was the first gen aluminums after the Ti's so I am not putting any money into this thing what-so-ever. It is on its last legs anyway. Just hoping I could get this fixed to help my roomie out.


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