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Old timers !


Editor emeritus
Jul 10, 2003
Falls Church, VA
Here! joined in 2003 and spammed Arn and company enough with tips that I became a volunteer editor for a while until the site started transitioning to its current structure of editors.

good times.

not a prolific poster in the forums, but still love the site.


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Jan 5, 2001
NYC + Madison, WI
When I joined, apparently in January 2001, I’d just gotten a G4 cube to replace my fading PowerBook 1400c that I’d bought for grad school. Before that, I used an SE/30 that my folks got me when I finished high school.

Not gonna lie, I felt pretty darned slick with the Cube, matching display, and flying saucer AirPort. I may have first joined MacRumors to find out if there were cool aftermarket upgrades for the Cube.

It wasn’t long before I was working in publishing and needed more substantial hardware (with, you know, active cooling), but that was a pretty sweet setup.


May 17, 2008
The first post in the forum:

April 2001. Some early join dates might precede that date since we migrated some users over from the original commenting system.

Looks like @zwida might be the earliest person that is still active with a join date of Jan 5, 2001 (!). They must have been imported from our previous comment system.

Thats amazing you still have the first post. I remember transferring data from one forum software to the other was major pain, there is always that scare that something will go wrong or missing. I don't know how many time MacRumors changed forum software.

Oh yeah, I'm still here!
Woaa..dude.. you are so old here, you are older than the forums itself!
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Jul 29, 2008
The Far Horizon
Mord! And @Scepticalscribe! Brings back memories of the good ol' days. I still lurk from time to time, and miss the old Demi shenanigans. :)

Yes, I sometimes forget that I have been around for twelve years; in computing terms, that is several life-times.

Anyway, wonderful to see some old (and once familiar) faces return, even if fleetingly.
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Original poster
Apr 21, 2003
London UK
Thanks for sharing that man !! has been a lifetime indeed . Not alot has remained constant online through all of that.

December 2002 here. My daughter was two months old! Now she’s 18 and about to head off to College and her brother is 17 and right behind her.

I still remember the eMac I had back then. I bought it at Compusa. Lol
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