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    Hi all,

    For some reason I was recently reminded of this story: Apple RoadMap Past and Future. It's a submission from an anonymous source with quite a bit of high-level, detailed information. Looking at it in retrospect, it reminds me of the things MOSR tends to post all too often, except it seems to be significantly more accurate. :) Anyway, I remember being surprised (when it was first posted over a year ago) that it was kind of a departure from MR's typical stuff that usually doesn't extend beyond the next product introduction (and arn does a fantastic job with it, BTW!!!). I thought it might be interesting to examine its accuracy on the eve of MWSF and in light of all the corroborating rumors and events since. Hopefully no one's done this with this story before. :)
    So I'm not using this as an opportunity to examine arn's/the site's credibility, but rather just to look at this really interesting article.
    Of course we'll never know about those exact dates, but considering what's happened since there's no reason to doubt them.
    Sho' 'nuff.
    And in fact IBM has announced 970-based blades for Linux. Not sure if they're shipping or what--I don't really pay attention to that kind of stuff.
    Well, not quite. Apple got another 170 MHz out of the 7455 and could probably hit at least 1.6 GHz right now with the 7457 that's shipping in the new AlBooks. Of course, that chip just barely came out in time for the AlBooks, so there's no reason to doubt that this perception of the Moto G4 roadmap was accurate at the time.
    Obviously the anonymous source could not have known that WWDC would be moved back a month to accommodate the G5 announcement, which turned out to be right at the end of Q2. And we all know about the delays that pushed the actual ship date (for most people) almost to the end of Q3. So full points for this one. :)
    Essentially right. As everybody knows, we saw 1.42 GHz in the desktops and 1.33 in the Xserves. Right on with the ATA/133.
    Ouch. They shipped with 180 GB drives for a max of .72 TB, not 1.2. I don't think there are 320 GB drives even now, let alone 7200 RPM ones with 8 MB cache like are needed in the Xserve...
    Well, close enough on the decision date. :) I'm sure there was some contention about the G5-or-no thing.
    This has mostly been corroborated over the past year. Pretty impressive, I think, to know the IBM roadmap so far ahead...
    Both the 7457RM and Marklar have pretty much disappeared from sight with the advent and (IMHO) tremendous success of the 970/G5. Obviously neither has been confirmed.
    MOSR's absolute favorite rumor, the Xstation is. :) There's still a chance for it to come true, but I think we'll have to see what the next generation of the PMG5 (more drive bays?) and the Xserve (what size? # of processors?) hold before we can really pass judgment on that.


    N.B. I don't really feel like reading all 150+ comments on that article (although I probably read many of them when it was new), so I apologize if any clairvoyants made similar points in there. :)
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    Re: Motorola sucking wind...

    The 7457-RM would have competed quite well with the PPC970, but the lack of any further rumors since Motorola "killed the G5" make it's appearance doubtful. Though Motorola did announce similar "plans" for their other PPC offerings.

    Now with Mai Logic's announcement that they would license the "elastic bus" from IBM -- and hopefully a couple of the other interested parties soon.

    There is an alternative for the G4 users, Mai Logic's Articia chipsets have been quite feature packed recently.

    Mai Logic's current G4 chipset is even a bit more advanced that Apple's right now, and their announcements for the PPC970 chipset should even them up with Apple next UniNorth3 upgrade.

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