Oldie but goldie: Austrian woman implying bad things about Mohammed - gets sentenced

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    It's from 2014, but gives you a good idea where europe is heading:



    She pointed out Mohammeds relationship with Aisha.

    The sentence was confirmed by the highest austrian court.

    For those usual suspects on this forum who always try to claim that europe has "free speech".

    I could dig out countless more cases of people in europe being prosecuted for blasphemy against Mohammed, but I'll leave it at that.
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    Why post three identical threads?

    I agree that criticising the Turkish prime minister should be allowed.
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    I added: http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/2702/sabaditsch-wolff-appeal

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    I didn't post identical threads.

    This thread is not about the turkish prime minister.
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    Even if third-world immigration become zero tomorrow, European civilization is still doomed.

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    The problem here is with German and Austrian law. Its got nothing to do with Islam as a religious faith or as a culture.

    For a variety of well-known historical reasons Austria and Germany have fairly strict laws relating to a number of free-speech issues we in the USA take for granted. Displays of Swastikas and other Nazi symbols are banned. Holocaust denial is a crime. As is formenting racial, ethnic, or religious hatreds.

    But thats Germany and Austria's problem. If Germans or Austrians are upset about those laws, then they need to think back on their countries' history. What the intolerance and bigotry of their grandparents and great-grandparents led to.

    I don't blame today's Germans or Austrians for the crimes of the Nazi era. Any more than I blame white Southerners for US slavery.

    But don't go around pretending these people get convicted of crimes in those countries because of the wickedness of today's Muslims. They find their freedom of speech and expression curtailed because of the crimes of yesterday's Germans.

    Maybe in fifty or a hundred years, enough time will have passed that the Governments of Germany and Austria will feel they can repeal the laws that came about because of the horror and guilt of the Nazi era. That they can rest easy knowing that whatever dark impulses led the Germans of the 1940s down the path to horror and genocide are dead and buried for all time.

    Maybe some time. But not now. Threads like this are a very clear reminder of that.
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    France, the UK and other european countries also restrict freedom of speech.

    And no, this has nothing to do with muslim immigrants.

    But those restrictions on free speech are now used to silence opposition.

    Remind you of some other time in history where this happened?

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