On MBP 16", Windows 10 in Parallels or Bootcamp


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Jul 23, 2007
Hi, I recall some users mentioning that there are bootcamp driver issues, battery life under bootcamp is short and fan control/fan noise is poor. In this case, can running Windows virtually under Parallels avoid these issues and thus is better? I would assume running Windows on top of Parallels would make the machine to work harder. Thus, hotter and lose battery life faster. Not sure if the inefficient of the bootcamp drivers could counteract this assumption. Is it really true that running Windows under Parallels 15 is almost as fast as running it natively under Bootcamp? I don't play games on this machine. Only use it for SolidWorks, Office, Visual Studio, MySQL. If Mac version of Adobe software is as good as the Windows version, I just run them under Mac OS. I don't mind dual-booting as the speed of SSD is fast enough for me to do that. Thanks.


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Nov 30, 2017
My experience is that running windows 10 (BOOTCAMP partition) under Parallels is really smooth...

I use it for development tasks such as Visual Studio, Compilers and stuff..

Running games I would boot into bootcamp though
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