On the fence about returning my ipad 2/gifting it to my brother

Discussion in 'iPad' started by aneftp, Mar 17, 2011.

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    I've had the ipad 2 for 5 plus days now. It's a wonderful little device. Does what it's intended for.

    But I may have just gotten into the Apple hype machine and went out and brought a product I really didn't need.

    I have all the Apple toys (imac, mba, iphone 4, atv2 etc). I sold my ipad 1 in December in anticipation of ipad 2.

    I think with the combination of my MacBook Air ( I had originally intended to buy this computer 2 months ago for my wife because she wanted a long battery life computer but didn't like the trackpad to play her farmville/cityville stupid facebook game...yes I know she wanted a $1400 plus computer to play facebook game; fortunately we have a lot of disposable income.

    But I think a combo of the MBA, along with my 27 inch iMac and my iPhone4, I just don't have a need for the iPad in my life.

    I tried to justified my purchased because I had about $400 in Best Buy gift cards sitting around for more than 12 months so the ipad 2 "didn't cost me much more money."

    I'll probably end up asking my brother if he wants the ipad and I will just give it to him (he's got a 3 year old who would love the ipad because she loves playing on his iphone 4). My brother and I are tight with each other even though our wives hate each other. He's given me stuff like a $1000 Canon L lens in the past so I don't mind gifting it to him. He didn't order the ipad and now there's a long 4-5 week wait. If he doesn't want it, I'll end up returning it and get a refund because Best Buy doesn't charge a restocking fee anymore. I guess they will just reissue me another $400 gift card and credit me back the rest.
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    Jul 28, 2007
    Yeah, I texted him and asked if he wanted it. I'll just have to ship it to him since he's in Maryland and I am in Florida.

    Last time I shipped him an iphone and FedEx lost it for 1 month (I had insurance) but FedEx made me wait and they finally found it and it was lost in Memphis all that time but I had thought someone stole the phone.

    So I am a little hesitatant about shipping an iPad 2 even with insurance.
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    "Anyone mentions they have a lot of disposable income in a gadget forum post charges things at 27.99% APR and pays the minimum every month." --me
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    I'm just trying to figure out the thought processes at work here.... OP had an iPad, then sold it, then purchased the iPad 2 but now (after 5 days) doesn't think he has a need for it. You'd think the "need" question would have been addressed with the purchase of the original iPad.
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    Agree. Strange. Plus he's asking complete strangers for advice.
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