One pair of headphones. 3 devices (MacBook Pro, new Apple TV, iPhone 6s). How? :)

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by mondaiguy, Nov 2, 2015.

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    I want to connect 3 devices (my MacBook Pro, new Apple TV, and iPhone 6s) to a "mixer"-like device and then use one pair of headphones to listen to all 3 devices. I'd be able to mute a device at any time and adjust volume as well. Preferably, the "mixer"-like device would have Bluetooth functionality so I could use a pair of Bluetooth headphones.

    What's the best thing to get for this type of thing?

    Does anyone know?
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    As a House Music DJ - I'd suggest using a 3 channel Mixer that a DJ would use. Essentially - you would use a 3.5mm to RCA cable from each computer into the mixer.

    Then - depending on the model you buy - you would have all kinds of control over the sounds- like if you just want to be able to lower or raise the volume of each channel - or more complicated stuff like mix the channels together.

    You can get them as basic and simple as you want.

    So - look for a mixer created for DJ's.

    AS for BT - not sure. I haven't needed to buy a new mixer in over 10 years - so I don't know if they have BT or not on them now - but I'm guessing probably not since DJ's need precise audio delivery to their ears without the chance of any 'technology' hiccup.

    But it can't hurt to look.

    Good luck!

    Hint: Google "3 channel mixer" :)
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