Online Music's Elusive Bottom Line

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 21, 2005.

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    Article is interesting though a bit of a rehash for those who are keeping tabs on what's what and who's who. The players for online music do seem to keep changing as do their models in (usually feeble) attempts to catch the current undisputed leader, that of Apple iTunes.

    However in terms of the bottom line I'm sure most people, excepting the music industry apologists, question the bottom line of the record labels. Considering they were making quite a tidy profit before online music and now they have an avenue where there's no printing (merchandise) costs and how hard is it to rip already mastered songs (it isn't) yet they're screaming poverty.

    How interesting that when the music industry talks about needing to raise the costs of online downloads they almost always mention Apple's iTunes, but not the lackluster and often deceptively advertised other clients available? Suspicious? It should be. Either this is the rules of "first a great idea is ridiculed, considered folly, and then considered self-evident" the latter part will be only when the music biz and Microsuck are skipping through the sunflower fields holding hands and Apple is out of the picture, or it's backlash against Apple for being the pioneering force (and ruining the music industries closed gross profiteering schemes before legal downloads) or who knows.

    Also after a relatively flamewar forum erupted here after the thread about Apple being forced to change their pricing for iTunes, I started asking around with ex-music biz, and some curent music biz peeps I know about the industry and it's spreading of wealth. Not surprisingly, it goes to the top first, the marketers next, lawyers, a lot of lawyers, A&R, and in last place is, no shocker, the actual artists, those making the commodity. Sad that some can't handle this reality, ultimately though it's another reason to hate the industry.

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