Opera 6 out


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Nov 9, 2002
East Bay, CA
Has anyone installed this new release? I am curious to see if it has a faster start-time. Any better rendering pages? New features for managing bookmarks, security, etc?

Thanks in advance,


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Nov 22, 2001
I have not used any previous releases. However, I downloaded this version + have tried it. I'll be honest, I dont like it. It looks good (interface wise), but feels slow. When I compare it to Mozilla, I cant see myself swapping to Opera. Its not a bad browser, just feels like it should be loading pages quicker. Plus it comes up with messages saying I cant do something because I have not payed for it! I think people are better of sticking to the free browsers.


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Aug 4, 2002
Madison, Wi
Ok this is honestly the best version of Opera to date, Flash actually works now, and personally I have zero issues with Quicktime content, it renders pretty fast and I dont think the rendering speed is much off from Chimeras, the load time is greatly improved and opens up pretty speedy, actually faster than Chimera on my computer. For a "final" release it is still a little buggy and the fact that Chimera still being a beta and is able to compete with Opera doesnt say too much for it. It is a pay version but the only thing that paying for it does it gets rid of the ads so there shouldnt be any "features" you cant use with the free version. All in all I use both Chimera and Opera, Opera is pretty small so its not a big deal having both installed and any working alternative to IE is welcome and that is what this is, it works and is capable and I would recommend at least trying it out for a week to get a feel for it.