Ophone comes next week, gearing up for iPhone invasion

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    Link: Ophone comes next week, gearing up for iPhone invasion
    Description:: China Mobile is to release the closely-watched 3G Ophone next week, while rival China Unicom is to bring Apple's iPhone to China as soon as Friday, which may add fuel to the flames in the fiercely competitive Chinese market.

    China Mobile, is gearing up for an iPhone invasion as it line up deals for Android smartphones, first with Dell then with Taiwan's HTC. Increasingly, these deals are with big-name suppliers, and especially, with Apple rivals.


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    I thought this was going to be something about Obama and an iPhone policy of some sort :D

    Any competition to China Mobile is a good thing, they have a massive monopoly over there, and their price schemes for usage are crippling. Reminds me of some of the costs we had in the UK over 10 years ago. This Ophone, iPhone battle can only mean lowered costs for the end user after all the dust has settled.. hopefully.
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