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MP 1,1-5,1 Optimise my cMP


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Oct 23, 2020
Hey guys and girls,

thanks for all the time reading your threads helped me reviving my newly cMP 5.1 from 2010.

Now its time for me to ask you how to optimise my cMP to use it in the best supported way.

My setup:
cMP 5.1 dual CPU --> getting the x5680 in the next days
32 GB Ram (8x4gb) --> hoping that it will change from 1066 MHz to 1333 MHz after the CPU update
ASUS Geforce Nvidia GTX680 4GB--> flashed that myself for boot screen support
Samsung Evo 970 500GB NVME in an Aqua Kryo2 adapter (4poin) --> MacOS Big Sur via developer programm via Catalina via OC
Samsung 860 SSD 256gb und the DVD drive --> hoping for Windows 10
2x 1TB HDD 3,5" tray 2 and 3 (one is afps, one is exfat)
1x 500GB HDD 2,52 tray 1
tray 4 is empty
DVD Drive

coming soon:
CPU update to the x5680
BCM94360CD for AirDrop and HandsOff
USB 3.1 PCIE card
BluRay drive

so the idea is to keep it cheap and using this machine for the daily office work, doing some videos from time to time. I know my setup might be enough for doing this tasks, but as many of yours I like spending time in working on the hardware and software :)

1. I have no idea if my GTX680 uses its full "power", and if not how to enable it. (I made the choice for this gpu just because I got it very easy and cheap from a friend :))
2. Is the BCM94360CD a good choice for the cMP?
3. which bluray drive might the best/cheapest choice?
4. Anything to change in my software setup to make it easy updateable?
5. Is it better to use less ram in triple channel mode than using all of the ram?
(6. Is it possible to change the round Big Sur Logo in "about the Mac" to a custom one?)
7. Connecting to an display, using DisplayPort or HDMI?
8. Any other ideas for optimising software or hardware?

Thanks for help and have a wonderful weekend :)
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