iPhone Optimized Charging Not Working


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Sep 13, 2014
Philadelphia, PA USA
I've noticed this also! When it's toggled on and charging, it feels like it takes for ever to go from 89% - 100% (I know it does state that somewhat in the settings) The phone also feels warmer to me at least.

The % number for me are a bit erratic at times, it may show 97% for 1-2+ hours...like it got stuck? Very odd! I rebooted the phone and suddenly it shows 100%, yet another time it showed 94% I dont know. My "Max (battery) Capacity after 1yr shows 95% - running Coconut Battery app showed 94%..so I guess I'm still good when it comes to lifespan until next Sept.

Anyway right now I find myself turning off "Optimized Batt. Charging" (turn off until tomorrow) and it seems fine after that. I may just turn that feature off completely.


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May 31, 2007
Florida, USA
Do you have to charge every night for it to work? My 11 Pro max tends to finish a typical workday with 60-75% left (the battery is crazy good!) because I don't use the phone too heavily. So I don't charge overnight when I have that much left. But when I do charge overnight, it charges directly to 100% and sits there most of the night; no optimized charging.


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Jun 6, 2017
United States
Just wanted to mention that it worked last night for me. It’s been about 2.5 weeks since I got the phone and had it one FYI.


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Oct 31, 2016
Belgrade, Serbia
Started working for me after only a few days of turning it on, but it missed the schedule badly. It shot for charging by 5:30 AM while my alarm was set for 8 AM. My assumption is this is due to my erratic schedule but then again, it started “optimized” charging only a few days after turning the feature on whereas it took several weeks for others...


Sep 13, 2018
It worked for me one night a few days ago but hasn’t worked since. I guess your charging routine has to be almost the same every day? I charge differently each day depending on usage so I wonder if it’s not consistent enough to work properly.


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Apr 23, 2013
It worked for me one night a few days ago but hasn’t worked since. I guess your charging routine has to be almost the same every day? I charge differently each day depending on usage so I wonder if it’s not consistent enough to work properly.
I’m the same as you. But it’s not a miracle worker and can’t read your mind.

Perhaps it should be a bit dumber and just base it on your alarm time.


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Sep 17, 2012
Same here. Worked fine and now it’s stopped. I sometimes charge in the day. Sometimes not. But I will always put it on at bedtime which varies by an hour or so.


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Dec 6, 2012
Started working for me for the very first time wirelessly last night. I had to upgrade my wireless charger to make use of QC3 though. I think it needs the extra power to quickly go from 80 to 100% or else it will just do a regular charge.

(As an iOS Dev it‘s also infrequently charging during the day cause its attached to the computer)


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Aug 18, 2013
Mine never worked since I have it. Everyday (except weekends), I have my alarm set to 7 a.m and it never activated optimized battery charging.. 🤷‍♂️


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Dec 9, 2012
I saw a notification about this once, didn’t pay attention. However when checking the battery log, I see it goes straight to 100% and stays there.

Any way to “reset” this so it starts learning and activates it? FWIW I don’t use any alarms (normal or bedtime) but my routine is very consistent.


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Sep 21, 2011
I’m not sure how to use it. I do not charge at night. The placement of my iPhone, on my nightstand, prohibits this and I use it during the night several times for the clock.
I get up at different times (I’m retired) and I normally check some things then maybe charge to over 90%, then I may use some more. I’ll usually go to 100% manually during the afternoon.
Optimized charging is probably really confused on my phone but it’s an iPhone X from July 2017 and is at 92% capacity, Apple considers that to be full capacity. AppleCare runs out next July, maybe I should turn optimized OFF and hope for a free new battery before July.. but I won’t, I’ll do my best and a new battery is what? $70..? Nah, I’ll do my best and try to wait for iPhone 12S Plus or equivalent. Maybe Apple will come to their senses about pricing. 1K is a lot, $1400 is too much, IMO... and I want the USB.
Bottom line I try to stay between 50% and 100% but over 90% is fine. It seems to work and manually do what Optimized Charging does.


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Jan 19, 2011

I never knew I needed to have these location services on for it to work. I may give it a shot but I don’t like the idea of my iPhone pinging my location like 50 times per day!


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Jan 20, 2014
it usually doesn’t work for me, but I also regularly use Sleep Cycle overnight which may have something to do with it (as iOS considers the phone to be in use even while locked). Really wish Apple would go ahead and ship something for sleep tracking for the Watch, or at the system level on iOS, already.