Option to turn off phone while using GPS?

Jimmy James

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Oct 26, 2008
I typically use the GPS with offline maps while in & out of service range. I keep getting pop ups telling me I've lost service, which I have to acknowledge. Is there any way to prevent this?


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Aug 27, 2012
Ur navigation app, apparently is not completely off-line.

Try manually turning off cellular data.


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Nov 16, 2011
To answer the question in your thread title, there is no way to use the GPS receiver without having the phone radio on as well. Of course, those pop-ups are a nuisance, but a bigger issue is the use of battery as your phone searches for a signal. That's probably the biggest power hog of anything your phone does.

I have MotionX GPS, too, and would love to be able to turn off the phone while leaving GPS on.

If you've got $150 burning a hole in your pocket, you could get the Bad Elf Pro GPS unit, and have GPS on your phone via Bluetooth while in airplane mode.