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    I take the liberty to post this little article (freely tranlated by a forum member in France). The goal is to let know the world that not all is nice in France with the Iphone. The phone itself is ok, but the provider is not honnest (up to now this is the conclusion though it might change, things go quickly)

    The phone is 3g+ capable, the providers sells it as such with a fee .... and finally we have EDGE speed? They cap the speed :

    Here’s a little story, about how things are happening in France between Apple and Orange, that you might find interesting…

    Some Orange France subscribers and iPhone (or other HSDPA compatible) devices users started, a few days ago and on several internet forums, to wonder about their 3G downloading speeds.
    All iPhone users in France, on the official Orange network, suffer from constantly weak downloading speeds –between 350 and 450 kbps, at an average, which is 3G and not 3G+/HSDPA.
    The iPhone specs specifically points its complete HSDPA capability. Orange publicized its monthly plans and its 3G network as 100% HSDPA compatible. Therefore, technically and, in a way legally, our downloading speeds should be between three and six times faster.

    More interesting : some iPhone users, in France, on one of the other 3G+ network, SFR, are able to reach these real HSDPA downloading speeds. The data speeds in Great-Britain, the Netherlands or Germany are substantially faster than those reached in France. The device isn’t to blame.

    A little buzz, rumor, or logical conclusion started spreading on the forums : Orange is restraining these speeds, the problem is on its side. Downloading speeds were true 3G+ a few months ago, now they are 3G only, for any device. Hundreds of angry customers started calling Orange –the official answer was, often, that the device was only 3G compatible, which of course is false.

    But a very few lucky iPhone users could get their Orange subscription unlocked by Orange technicians : much faster downloading speeds are, technically, possible on Orange’s network.

    The buzz got bigger, some specialized blogs and medias started talking about it.
    A (supposed but very well informed) Orange representative unofficially got in touch with one of forum members (thread : . He first acknowledged a technical problem on Orange’s side, and said they were working on it.
    Unsatisfied with this answer, the forum went on speculating whether the rep’s explanations were sincere and true, or whether it was just a way for the firm to temporize and chill out the anger.
    Some of his rather imprecise and contradictory answers and points seemed to prove he was far from sincerity and truth : the anger went on growing.

    Now, the most interesting part of this story : the same supposed rep’ got in touch again with the same forum member, and changed his version of the facts, clearly blaming Apple for these downloading speeds. Yes, Orange can settle the problem on his side, but this would require a modification on the device side that Apple doesn’t accept. The latest firmware fixed the problem in the UK and in Germany, but not in France. We’ll have to wait until the next issue.
    He also acknowledges that the relationship between the two firms has been disastrous, or at least « difficult » since Orange got chosen as the only official iPhone distributor in France.

    Another few forum users then decided to call Apple and asked if they were responsible for the situation, as some Orange official unofficially claimed : a resounding « FALSE ! » was the answer, and the callers were asked to send what they had been told by the Orange representative.

    Things are just starting to spread here, and you might want to report them in your media -how things are happening in France between Apple and his main and only collaborator is a rather interesting issue. And it might help thousands of people.

    Thanks for your attention, and please accept my humble apologies for every sad mistake I made with my English…

    Thomas Burgel

    Please understand that the conclusion at this point is based on what 'mis'information the provider is giving but the tests are real

    Many of us have tested all over the country and we all get the same slow result.

    We'd appreciate it this info to circulate and if people have info regarding this, please let us know. We are just trying to get what we pay for.
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    Merci bien pour les nouvelles. On espère que Apple va y répondre.

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