Orbi Mesh wifi w/ or w/o Airport Extreme as a hub/switch?


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Sep 12, 2006
I originally had an airport setup like this:

Modem -> Airport Extreme -> switch -> Airport Extreme & Airport Express.

I originally thought the Extreme has a built in firewall and I was thinking I could use it as a firewall for the Orbi. I thought it was redundant enabling firewall in OSX on the macs before given that Extreme has firewall itself. If that makes sense.

I connected my main Orbi router like this:

Modem -> Airport Extreme (turned off wireless w/ network Router mode set as DHCP and NAT on) -> switch -> Main Orbi Router (which is the highest point of the house with ethernet). This setup works with 2 satellites connected through wireless.

It seems I am unable to wire one of the satellites through the Extreme than connect it from wireless. I thought it would work better having it wired.

Should I turn Network -> Router Mode to Off (Bridge mode) and attempt plugging in a satellite from Extreme?

My other option is...

Remove the Extreme and setup like this:

Modem -> Main Orbi router -> Switch -> attempt wire connecting Satellite 1. I do not have other ethernet ports in the house, Satellite 2 would have to be connected via wireless.

Then should I enable Firewall on all of my macs to be safe?

edit: I tried turning my Extreme to Bridge Mode and it did not work wiring a satellite to extreme and internet was not working at all by checking out airport utility.
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