Ordered two iPhone 6’s from VZW at full retail price. Help!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by rbf1138, Sep 15, 2014.

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    Details: I haven’t used my upgrade subsidy since I bought the 5 at launch at full retail so that I can keep my grandfathered unlimited data plan. On Friday I signed into VZW and ended up ordering two regular 6’s at full retail price. Because it looked like my first order didn’t process correctly, I placed a second order and when I woke up Friday morning I had two order confirmations. Now both have shipped.

    I chose to keep my old SIM when I checked out both times.

    When FedEx delivers both phones Friday, what do I do to ensure I don’t mess anything up with my plan? As far as I’ve read all I have to do is remove the SIM from my 5 and place it in the 6 and I’m good to go?

    What are my options with the extra 6 I ordered? Return directly to Verizon (and maybe have to pay a restocking fee)? Refuse delivery of the extra phone? Sell it to a stranger (do I have to remove it from my account first or something)?

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    Sep 9, 2014
    I was told no restocking fee if it's unopened.
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    And as for how I should go about activating the phone properly re: the SIM stuff?
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    For the one that has a new SIM use the new SIM, for the one that does not, use your old SIM in that device. For some reason when I ordered mine (I guess it gave me the option and I didn't pay attention) it selected a new sim. I'm told that there was an option to select to use your current sim, which is what I should have done. Verizon says it's best to use that new sim since it was associated with that order/line/etc. So with that said, I'd use the new sim on the line it is/was associated with, and use your old sim for the line that didn't have a sim shipped with it.

    Actually, NM, if you selected to keep your sims, then you should 100% be able to use those, versus using the new one. I'd contact Verizon just to confirm so it doesn't trigger anything off the wall, since they'll do anything they can to force people off unlimited anyhow.
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    Sep 15, 2014
    I'd sell it for a $100-$200 profit, probably off Craigslist.

    In fact, maybe even head over to the Apple store and try selling it to someone in line? Just a suggestion.

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