Original laptop crashed, now I have a new laptop, but it's not listed as my primary.

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    Jul 14, 2010
    I had a laptop, however it crashed. Everything to do with my iphone is connected to that laptop. I now have a new laptop, however because my iphone is still authorized on my original computer I am limited on what I can do on itunes with my iphone.

    How do I change this over without having access to my old laptop?
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    Jul 15, 2010
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    similar story

    Something similar happened to me. My macbook pro crashed, the motherboard died. I purchased a new one and luckily I had a very current time machine backup to restore from. Everything on my new macbook pro was just like i left it on my dead one, files, printer settings, everything. The only difference is that now my iphone and ipad are not recognized in itunes. They reappear only after reinstalling itunes, but then its only for one time. When I turn on my computer again, it's back to not recognizing either one. Try downloading the lastest software updates from apple. They appeared last night. I installed and this morning, both ipad and iphone appear without doing anything special. It worked for me....at least for now, I hope it sticks.
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    Make sure iTunes is not set to auto-sync. Authorize the new computer. Backup the iPhone. Transfer purchases. Use sharepod or expod to get your music off. Use Image Capture or the similar windows software to get your camera roll. If you have a PC, you can get ANY pics with Sharepod. Sync after setting up the settings in iTunes under Info, and the rest of media.

    That's kind of a quick summary of what to do. There are more details strewn about this site (or you can search under -aggie-).

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