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Jun 4, 2000
Alexandria, VA
I just secured an original Macintosh (128K), Model #M0001. Says "Macintosh" not "Macintosh 128K" on the back. This is the description:

Original Macintosh 128k. Model #M0001. Serial #F4381GTM0001.

Own a piece of computing history. Badge on the back next to the Apple logo
says "Macintosh" only, not like the later models which carried the label
"Macintosh 128k" to distinguish it from the Macintosh 512k model (Fat Mac).
This is indeed an extremely rare computer and very difficult to find

Beige case is extremely clean inside and out with no scratches, cracks or
markings. Signatures molded inside case are clear and easy to read. No dust
at all, it has been cleaned thoroughly with compressed air. 9 inch black and
white screen is clear and very bright (adjustment knob in front). Built in,
fully functioning 400k floppy drive.

No modifications made. Still in its original state just like it came off the
assembly line in February 1984. Decoding the serial number indicates that
this was the 1901st Mac built in Fresno, CA in 1984.

Guaranteed working and not DOA.

Hardware included:

Extended Keyboard w/coiled phone cord (#M0110A)
Brick Mouse (#A2M4015)
400k boot disk (floppy)
External 800k floppy drive (#A9M0106)

...for $125. Insane.

Note that the cardboard box that an original Mac came in went for $500 not long ago.

Sadly it comes w/ Mac Plus keyboard, but still... I will store it in the Mac travel bag that came with the Mac Plus I recently acquired until such time as I've got more space for my collection. Will be a few years away--but it should sit well in that bag.



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Jan 2, 2001
Metairie, LA
oh blake...why....why did u do that to me???

I want one soooo bad....

I don't bother trying on ebay...anytime there is one up for auction...it's just a big mess....never a "buy-it-now" listed for it and I don't have time to track an auction for 10 days...

from where did u get it?


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Jan 9, 2002
Ha ha haaa!
NICE! Does the 800K external floppy work with the original Mac? Something sticks in my head that it was only compatible with the 400K's... and then again, I could be totally pulling this out of nowhere, I don't remember. :D

It would be really cool to get the original keyboard and the numeric keypad ADDON.


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Apr 16, 2002
Good find. That Mac will be worth lots someday. I want an original LISA, but they're so expensive.


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Jun 4, 2000
Alexandria, VA
Here's a releant page...


The 800K drive would not work with it, I imagine. Unless it has gone through a Mac Plus upgrade or something, which I assume (hope) it has not. It will work with my Mac Plus though...

I got this unit on LowEndMac's "Mac Swap" mailing list. They've got some nice listserv action going on over there.