OS X.2 aka 10.2

King Cobra

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Mar 2, 2002
Why the heck is this in the Hardware Rumors section?

When you mean "obtained a copy", does this mean some **** of Limewire or Carracho, or is this the final version?

Didn't someone else already sum up 6C115?


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Oct 12, 2001
Originally posted by King Cobra
Why the heck is this in the Hardware Rumors section?
Bahahaaaaaaaahahaaaa! RLMAOF!

King....I don't know why? But I just pictured you yelling that across the room.

Bahahaaaaaa....:D :p :D


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Jan 5, 2001
Sydney, Australia
Its good

It takes forever to install.... 2 CD's worth... (about 30mins to 2 hours on an iMac 400 DV depending on options selected)

Contains Internet Explorer 5.2

Strangley it does not contain iCal or Rondavous..

Some great features : About this Mac now contains the processor info in detail and has a "More Info" button which leads directly to Apple System Profiler.

The system is a lot snappier then ever before, however I still see some bugs in the graphics layering (expecially when opening iMovie)

Another strange thing, even thou its called Jaguar, the only hints of that are in the User Icons where there is a jaguar print....

Weird huh?

There is also now "Aqua" and "Classic Aqua" backgrounds... things are moving fast!

I give it a thumbs up and cant wait to buy the final 10.2


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Jun 4, 2002
Ottawa, ON
I've always wondered why it's called OS X 10.2. Isn't that a little redundant? It's like calling OS 9.2.1 OS 9 9.21.

just wierd


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May 28, 2001
Re: Its good

Originally posted by digitalrampage

Strangley it does not contain iCal or Rondavous..

Weird huh?

duuh, release of iCal september.
Rendezvous should be present, though if you don't have an ethernet connection/airport, or devices that aren't rendezvous configured than it won't be shown.

Silver Dragon

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May 7, 2002
Rendezvous is there, I have used it, works great.

iCal and iSync will not be released until next month. I have been using iCal for a while now, it's nice (but still very beta).

I want iSync, as I already have my bluetooth phone (T68i) as well as my D-Link bluetooth adapter. 10.2 does a great job with bluetooth (and the address book linking to my phone is cool too) but I would love an easy one-click way to sync everything!

Microsoft should be running scared. Windows XP has nothing this cool. Let's see what they do with .Net (except I believe .Net is a server only, not a consumer OS... Hmmm)


Why is this here? Can we move it to the software forum?
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