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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Seekir, Nov 23, 2004.

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    Nov 23, 2004
    I'm a late arrival in the OS X world, and upon launching OS X (10.1) immediately discovered my external US Robotics Sportster dial-up modem (which works fine in OS 9.2.2) is not recognized by my g4-733 when it's running OS X. I've been told that I need a new driver for the modem. Can't seem to find a new OS X compatible driver for the unit on the USR site and fear that they haven't bothered to write one. Anyone know whether one is available somewhere, or do I need to fling another piece of electric junk in the landfill?

    System: Quicksilver g4, external USR 56K Sportster faxmodem(#00568902). Unusual aspect of this setup: External Modem is connected to an aftermarket serial port which occupies original internal modem bay - Apple internal modem removed and replaced with g4port serial port to permit use of serial MIDI interface for Hard disk recording of music.
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    i think that yoour only option is to reinstall the factory 56K Modem.

    i tried to look for a 56K v.90 modem, for you, but could not find one for the Mac; with Mac drivers. I know that the B&W G3's had modems that people could buy, they were made by Global Village; but i think they had to be installed into the COMM port.

    The only thing that i can think to tell you is to reinstall your old modem, and buy a external MIDI processor, that or get DSL or a Cable Modem.

    Digidesign has a USB processor for OS X, this is what my brother has: Mbox

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