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Tall Steve

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Aug 28, 2006
I am about to buy my first mac (with in a month) but I wanted to start getting used to Mac OS. I am currently using a mac at school. Is there an online free tutor program that will show me everthing macs will do? I am just trying to get a head start so when I bring mine home I will be able to show my wife why macs are better.



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Aug 12, 2005
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Tall Steve said:
Is there an online free tutor program that will show me everthing macs will do?
I don't know about EVERYTHING a Mac will do, but I'm sure that if you use Google and look for things like "OS X primer" or "OS X tutorial" or anything to do with switching from PC to a Mac, you're likely to find plenty of information to help you.

I would liken using a Mac to learning how to drive a manual (stick-shift) car. The basic ideas are the same: gas on the far right, brake pedal next to that; but there are things that are different and take getting used to.

Just about everyone here thinks that Macs are better than PCs at just about everything, and you'll no doubt be able to convince your wife that you've made the right decision, but don't expect to sell her on it without a little work.

Good luck with your purchase, and welcome to right side of the fence ;)


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Jan 9, 2004
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If you're an advanced Windows user, I think this will be very helpful:


It's loosely a competition between X and XP with an attempt to make a "balanced scorecard" that represents everything an OS does. But in the process, it explains in a very useful fashion what the OS X equivalents of most major tasks as done in XP are. And so, again, if you're a Windows savant, this will be teh r0XX3Rz... :)


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Apr 13, 2006
I would review this and then click on the 'Tiger, A Closer Look. Take the tour' link in the middle of the right column.