OS X running on 17% of desktops in medium to large businesse...

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    Misleading headline

    The headline "OS X running on 17% of desktops in medium to large businesses" is very misleading. That's not what the report cited said. The report said that 17% of medium to large *businesses* had *some* OS X desktops. For example, a company with 1,000 employees might have a couple of web designers on staff with OS X. My own company, which is actually considered very design-conscious and mac-friendly, less than 10% of employees have Macs. (I'm a techie and I'm forced to use a Dell).

    I do agree with the article, though, that in the corporate world some users are replacing Unix/Linux desktops with OS X desktops. There's quite a few alpha geek network administrators that now use PowerBooks as their primary machine.
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    No...what it says is this:
    Meaning: Out of all companies with 250+ employees, 17% of them used OS X on their desktop computers. Of all companies with 10k+ employees, 21% of those companies used OS X as their desktop OS.

    The 'meaning' you give it is far more misleading than the title (which is not).

    No where in the article does it say that x% of companies with z amount of employees have "some" OS X machines, a few, a single one, etc. The study and article directly imply that ALL the desktops run by those companies are using OS X.

    In fact, the word "some" is only used twice in the entire article. Neither time referring to "some desktops out of all their desktops use OS X" or any similar idea :p
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    You're correct in stating what Macworld's article states, but I suspect that what Jupiter reported is much closer to what lmalave is thinking. Jupiter doesn't seem to have a press release about this study up at the moment.... But I too have a hard time seeing your (and Macworld's) interpretation as being true, just based on my interaction with Fortune 500 workplaces in the US....
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    What the article actually says is:

    "The report found that 17 percent of businesses with 250 employees or more were running Mac OS X on their desktop computers. Twenty-one percent of businesses that had 10,000 or more employees used Mac OS X on their desktop."

    Notice it says 17% of *businesses*. 21% of *businesses*. The point of the article is that Macs are gaining increasing acceptance in corporate environments - that in large companies increasingly you see *some* macs scattered amidst a sea of Windows machines. The report is *not* saying that all of a sudden Apple captured 17% of desktops in mid-size companies and 21% of desktops in large companies. If Jupiter actually released a report that said that, Apple's share price would be about $500 today.
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    I think they've re-worded article since it first appeared... it's a little clearer now... but not clear enough for me.

    I suspect that "running OS X" means, as others have said, "have at least ONE Mac among those 10,000+". (Which also means that whoever they surveyed also KNEW about the Macs being used in their company. So they can't be TOO hidden.)

    Don't get me wrong, I know Macs are being better received as enterprise desktops. But the process of adopting Macs isn't that far yet. It has barely begun.

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