OSX 10.1 G59 is GM

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Shaft, Sep 15, 2001.

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    Aug 3, 2001
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    Aug 31, 2001
    10.1 UPDATE CD or FRESH Install??

    I have heard some say that 10.1 will require a CLEAN install and a reformatting of the HD, yet this MacFixIt article seems to indicate otherwise... what gives??

    FRI: September 14, 2001
    Mac OS X Late-Breakers

    Installing OS X Server on a dual processor G4:
    A reader reports success

    Despite the recent report that the Mac OS X Server 10.0 CD will not install on a dual processor 800 MHz QuickSilver Mac, a reader did have success in doing this. He writes:

    "The installer process zipped right along, using a 10.0.3 CD. We then updated to 10.0.4. No configuration or running issues to report at this time; NetBooting a dozen iMacs and G3/G4s as we speak. Still have to configure advanced settings, sharepoints, users, Web server, FTP, etc. And, yes, the OS is seeing and (apparently) using both processors.

    For those with CD versions unable to boot and complete the installation on a QuickSilver, just take your server's hard drive to a pre-Quicksilver G3 or G4 and install your license there, apply updates, then return the drive to your QuickSilver. We have tested this and it works (we had an older G4 all set up whose hard drive we moved in to test; it works). If you don't have access to an older G3/G4, call Apple and explain you simply need a newer release of the CD. It should work."

    OS X Odds & Ends: OS X 10.1 update for free?;
    Working with disk images follow-up;
    SCCSerial.ketch patch disables Internet Connect?; more

    Mac OS X 10.1 update to be free at stores? The Wall Street Journal article that we cited yesterday contained this statement: "Apple plans to start distributing version 10.1 this month. It will be built into new machines. People who currently use OS X can get the 10.1 upgrade free on CDs that will be available in some stores."

    The Mac Night Owl site received confirmation of this from Apple, noting that not all stores may have these CDs: "The policy is still being developed, though, so it's not certain just which dealers will get a stock of CDs. At the very least, you can expect The Apple Store will get its share. Regardless, these will be update CDs, which means that you have to be running Mac OS X already for the installation to work. This won't be a way to get a free copy of Mac OS X, if you don't already have one."

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    Wrong Info

    Sorry dudes...

    OSX 10.1 5G59 is not GM....Apple got some seeds in the 60's....

    More still to come
  4. troy wilson macrumors newbie

    Sep 16, 2001
    installed 5G59

    I have finished installing osx 5G59, and i am running it as i post this reply. I have been downloading the builds as they are available, and i have been impressed by the ease at which i was able to burn the .dmg files to cd's with bootable systems and verified working installers. Of course, i accomplished this with disk copy and toast. The installers/puma builds have been updaters i believe. One thing i did notice was that the previous builds all were notated as prerelease 10.1. The G59 build is notated as 10.1...period. (About This Mac) I dont know if that clears up the GM rumors or not, but it is a robust update to say the least. I have been pleased with every aspect, from drive sharing 3rd party firewire drives to old macs...to the fast network copies and increased speeds. I am a "power user" (photoshop, 3d modeling, pro audio etc.) who has also been putting classic to the test without many problems. Good job apple you kick ****ing ass.


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