OSX and XP on domain, Time is being changed after running XP, prohibits domain login


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Oct 8, 2004
After battling the XP install and the new firmware update, I am having a serious issue.

I am on a domain at work. When I log into OSX, no problem. Switch over to Windows, no problem. Switch back to OSX, it doesn't allow me back on the domain because the time is off by more than 5 hours, so the domain will not let me on. In fact everytime it is off by 7 hours exactly to the second. My theory is that on the windows side the time server or windows platform itself understands that my location PST, is GMT - 7 hours, therefore there must be a compatibility problem between Windows resetting the time, possibly because I am on the domain, to sync with our DNS, and then when I switch back to OSX, the OSX side doesnt realize the time has been reset to reflect GMT -7hours.

I am sure not many people are running a similar environment, having both the OS X and XP machines on a domain, and needing to login to both sides, so it may not be something people see often. Anybody understand what I am saying, and know of a fix?
APPLE, you listening? This could hinder MAC machines being readily used in the office environment.

Thanks, any info or advice will help!


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Jun 29, 2006
Currently, because Boot Camp is in beta, the time does not synchronize between OSes. Hopefully Apple will fix this with future updates.