OSX equivalents of iOS photography apps


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Feb 6, 2013
I am not an expert photographer by any stretch but I like to touch up my photos on my iPhone. There are a couple of phot editing apps that I use often and I am wondering if there is anything similar to these apps available for OSX.

I use Camera+, I am mainly interested in the Clarity filter.

I also use Photogene4.

These two apps seem to be good photo editors with a lot of option that are easy to use for beginners like me. Does anyone have any suggestions of similar apps for OSX?


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Apr 27, 2011
iPhoto has basic editing capabilities and came with your Mac. Aperture ups those capabilities. Both of these are also digital asset managers to organize your photos. Pixelmator offers more editing capabilities in a fairly simple to use package. I use it for some edits that Aperture can't handle.

There's also Photoshop Elements but I've never been a fan of Adobe's user interface. YMMV.


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Jun 21, 2010
If you just need basic color adjustment and sharpening, Preview can handle it.

If you need a little more control and want to use multiple layers, Seashore is the simplest way to go.

If you need full strength editing, Pixelmator and the GIMP are both strong. Pixelmator is more Mac-like and easier to use.