OSX passed my test

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by mymemory, Feb 1, 2004.

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    May 9, 2001
    Ok guys, I'm using jaguar in a Powerbook G3 500 with 256MB of ram.

    I was doing a very intensive presentation on my other Powerbook (the same spects) with OS 9.2.2

    I have to have the presentation ready by tomorrow Monday.

    I was converting a few Quicktimes movies in to pic sequences and importing them in to Flash MX to create Flash movies from them.

    Under OS 9 I couldn't complete one single movie because lack of memory even the file itself was 20MB.

    Then I just installed Flash MX in my other powerbook with OSX and it is doing the same thing with no problem. better memory managment? Yes! of course!

    Now, I'm here transfering my entire project to my computer under OSX to finish it soon and let see if I can run the iTunes radio station in the other computer now
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    Oct 15, 2003
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    Re: OSX passed my test

    Not surprising given the maturity of BSD. I know Apple and (to a larger degree) the Mac software vendors still have a bit of learning to do, but Jobs & Co. knew what they were doing when they basically threw away the old OS and started from Next... er, scratch.

    I also wouldn't be surprised if, somewhere down the road, HFS+ goes away. It seems like they're moving towards UFS as the default, especially with the server versions of things.
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    That'll be nice, UFS seems like it'd be a nice file structure to go on. As far as the memory management of OS X is concerned, it really is quite impressive. Even on my PowerBook G3 with 192 megs of RAM, it finds a way to keep things running smoothly when OS 9 would give me type 2 error messages for running out of memory.

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