Other Schools gets MacBooks, My HS had NO tech, and for a geek, that SUCKS.


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Jul 5, 2007

I am jealous of these kids, because when I went to High School (I graduated in 2008), my old school, and school district (whom I now pay taxes for, being 22) still seems to be showing no signs of improvement.

I wish we had this at my high school when I went to HS, it surely would have made me pay more attention in class, as I was/am tech savvy .

My school had nothing tech, and in fact, it was so over-flowing that they took out the last computer lab for another classroom, so yes, we went to a school with no computer lab. The programming classes, and robotics classes were cut, so we didn't have those either. We didn't have our own library, so we used the Public Library. Kids who went there all grew up on farms, and never even been on a bus or train in their lives, much less, even knew how to drive. If the kid DID know how to drive, they drove nothing short of a big lifted truck or SUV to school.

If it wasn't about sports, it wasn't important to the school, so yes, that means we only had one dance a year, the prom, which only Seniors had priority of attending. They would rather concentrate on trivial things such as banning ketchup than actually doing something to foster the brains of the future, such as integrating technology.

There were also no such things as lockers, and nothing was done right, from building maintenance, to keeping up with state laws. The bells were always off by several minutes (20-30 minutes!) that nobody every paid any attention to them, and it has gone un-fixed for so long, even though I volunteered to fix it for them, since they just use the Rauland system for bells tied in with their PBX.

From what I learned, the farm kids are all gone, because that area of Chandler, no longer has farms, but rather, cooke-cutter housing developments.

They had two Mac labs, both stocked with iMacs, but because the school district knew NOTHING about Macs, they sat there, and sat there, and sat there, and sat there..... eventually the Mac labs turned into classrooms as well.

Also, they bought brand new computers that came with Windows XP (brand new at the time, remember that), and they downgraded them to Windows 98 because it was "district standards"...despite having all applications be web-based (grading and the like), just because the head of IT didn't want to learn a new OS. I believe I had posted a thread about this A LONG TIME ago somewhere on DSLR .

It was a VERY SAD poor excuse high school, and if I would take note of one thing, it would be, to NEVER LET MY CHILDREN ATTEND A CUSD SCHOOL (unless its CHS). I wish I had bugged my parents to transfer to a real school like Chandler High at the time, instead of attending that sorry excuse of a "school"

Basha High School, stuck in 1950, and probably WILL NEVER see anything as cool as this.

A school with iPads and MacBooks is surely A LOT BETTER WAY to spend money than useless things such as a smart board that a teacher will never use, or a document camera that will never shine at a document EVER in its entire life...instead to sit in a supply closet unused....Ugh I am just pissed off at the way my district that I now pay taxes for is failing, and DOING NOTHING about it. Now that I am an adult, I want to do something about it, but don't know where to start.


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Nov 14, 2010
I'm an Austronaut
I can imagine your feelings, and I would probably feel the same.
On the one hand with more technology kids become distracted, and on the other our generation kinda keeps more focused and less time checking our devices.
In addition to becoming distracted by the girls in HS, now kids will fight for focus against games, facebook, emails, and txt messages.


Seems like you'd be better served talking to your school board than complaining on an internet forum.
you'd better hide your kids, hide your wife ♫


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Mar 13, 2011
Wow, I feel bad for those kids who attend schools that have no technology departments or outdated tech departments.

I can't say that the same is for me because I go to a school that just got a brand new MacLab with about 25 21.5" iMacs, a MacPro, and a 27" iMac. This year, all of the teachers got iPads, and next year, every student will be equipped with an iPad.

My school is really serious about technology, especially Apple technology. :)


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May 29, 2011
Sounds like your school is stuck in the 90s, not the 50s.

I don't see the point in having laptops for every student - even if they're blocked from facebook, twitter, gchat, collegehumor, youtube, cheezburger, and any other time wasting site. Nothing is better than a good ol' pen and notebook.

Sounds like you're jealous of growing up in a poor rural area and have beef with other areas with better bells and whistles. Or that you're inappropriately taking your anger out on the ketchup ban on administrators instead of the idiots trashing your former HS.


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Sep 17, 2009
Melbourne, Australia
At my intermediate school we each had our own MacBook :D My high school is almost as good with netbooks and iMacs etc... However my primary school had computers with Windows 95 and they still used floppy disks haha :eek:


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Dec 16, 2011
Every teacher in the Elementary Schools have a MacBook (They just upgraded to the white unibody last year). There are laptop carts with Non-Unibody MacBooks that are available for each grade (but are not individually assigned). In addition, the library has iMacs (Intel, White) for internet use. The computer lab has eMacs.

Once you get to our Middle Schools, it's just Windows, all day, everyday. Macs are no longer issued to the teachers. If they want a Mac it has to be their own. Math and Science teachers are issues Lenovo X220 laptops however.

At the High School it's mixed. ALL Teachers that request a laptop get the Lenovo Thinkpad X220 Tablet. External computers and tablets are allowed to be brought by students. There are different computer labs for each department. They either have Dells or 24" Aluminum iMacs. The department computers are Windows, and the specialty labs (A.K.A. The Graphic Design classroom and the Visual Communications Broadcasting classroom) are loaded with 24" iMacs.

My school is pretty technology basic until you get to High School, where the technology kind of explodes in your face.