Out of contract? Poor AT&T service? Is iPhone 4 worth AT&T 2-year renewal?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by christof, Jun 7, 2010.

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    I imagine there are quite a few of you out there like me, who hate your AT&T coverage and service, but held onto their iPhone 3G in hopes of the 4th generation iPhone arriving on Verizon. While contracts have shown that AT&T had a five-year iPhone exclusivity deal, it is rumored that iPhone for Verizon will be manufactured by Pegatron this fall...
    • Will you hold your breath for iPhone for Verizon—how much longer can you wait?
    • Has AT&T 3G service improved for you where you use iPhone?
    • Is AT&T's $30 unlimited data service important to you, considering that AT&T has introduced metered data ($25/2GB and $15/200MB) pricing that Verizon has hinted at introducing?
    • Does your AT&T mobile to mobile calling circle and rollover minutes matter to you?
    • Is iPhone 4 worth another two years of service with AT&T?
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