Overall Mac Venting and G4 Specs

Discussion in 'Hardware Rumors' started by tomgreever, Jan 18, 2002.

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    Jul 15, 2001
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    First of all, I think Apple should release speed bumped PM's next week. Regardless of the cache and expandabiliy of the new iMacs, the PM's just look terrible right now comparitively.

    However, it seems strange to me that with such a small increase in Mhz, they didn't introduce it after (or before) the iBook update during the keynote. I think most of us were looking for a much bigger launch. I heard from Apple dealers that they had been told to clear their entire inventory, so I expected Apple would refresh the entire product line with at least speed bumps. To find that it was only the consumer line that was changing was a major disappointment.

    Don't get me wrong, I think the new iMac is great (in terms of specs and price), but this thread is about the PM towers.

    I agree with many of you that crossing the Ghz barrier is important for Apple. I personally could care less about processor speed compared to Wintel. The only time that I wish Apple was "at the table" with the Ghz game is when I talk to other Wintel-ers. I'm die-hard Apple, but I have a hard time convincing Wintel-ers that Macs are faster... it always comes back to Ghz... and I feel embarrassed because I can't fight the Ghz fight. Not because I don't believe the G4 is faster, but because the rest of the world depends on the clock speed. Why is there no standard for speed other than M(G)hz? There should be an overall "This computer is fast" standard... something that can really be compared, like MPH or KPH… (Unfortunately, I think most people consider Mhz= to MPH/ KPH)

    A few notes:
    Might be fun for Apple to introduce all dual-processors as a standard on pro machines. I love it when they set trends. I personally think duals are better than double the Mhz because it allows for separate computations rather than concurrent, faster computations. Again, the “rest of the world” may not see it this way. At the same time, it seems very Apple to make duals a standard. They’re always trying to make standards (USB, optical mouse, flat panel, to name a few recents)

    I hate it that Apple **usually** wait for Expos to introduce new products. To me, this only increases speculation bout new product launches. If Apple was in the habit of “all-the-sudden” introducing a nw product line… I think there might be an increased interest. (Strange as it sounds). As it is now, rumor mills and Apple page views light up close to MacWorld Expos because everyone is **expecting** something. Wouldn’t it be better to be in the habit of randomly releasing new products (ie: changing the web site and sending out PR’s, or holding last-minute press conferences) in terms of keeping things “secret”. I mean, Apple goes to great lengths to keep things secret: but wouldn’t it be to their **secret** advantage to release products randomly? Sure, they could still to major product announcements at MacWorld if it fit with the schedule, but isn’t this about profit? (I own Apple stock, and it is about profit) As a stockholder, I’d prefer less hype with sudden appearances that boost expectations, as opposed to introductions that disappoint expectation.

    Personally, (I know I’ve said that before..), I think Apple hyped MacWorld 2002 CA WAY TOO MUCH on their web site. It’s such a small thing, but all the Mac fans watch it and respond. It’s not that I think the new iMac is a dud. (In fact, I think the new iMac is a great product. I’d buy one INSTANTLY if it offered at least a 17” display. Well, I might buy one anyway.) The point I that I don’t think the hype lived up to the expectations. I mean, come on… “Beyond the rumor sites…” and yet, many rumors sites had begged for months what was delivered in Jan.

    I think Apple is about 1 MacWorld behind each rumor site. Last August, everyone was wanting flat-panel iMacs… they got a speed bumped (and minimally improved case) PowerMac. This MW, everyone wanted flat panels iMacs (still) and the moon (moon= G5’s, new cube, and portables or consumer products)… Apple did not meet (and certainly not exceed) users expectations.

    I’ve watched Apple (and owned Apple) for years, but I have never seen this amount of hype created for such a mediocre product announcement. (Ok, I know a ton of you have ordered new iMacs… I am not at all degrading you or the product… I just feel like the iMac announcement was less than expected. The new iMac rocks!)

    On another note, I need (and will be ordering) a new Power Mac (pro) at work. I want to get the most for my money. Should I wait until the G5’s come out in March? (Is March guaranteed?) Or should I get the new **rumored** dual 1Ghz next week? What do you think? I’d rather have a G5. because my company only upgrades new machines every 3 years.) Will the G5 really be released so soon?

    (Why do I waste my time reading each and every thread. Am I really that bored? And then, to take time to respond? What’s my deal? I'm not changing the world! Apple is!)
  2. Ifeelbloated macrumors regular

    Jan 14, 2002
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    I might be damned for saying this but what the hec. If Apple doesn't really impress me with their pro machines in the coming months. I will be taking a hard look at a dual AMD Alienware machine. I'm sorry, but enough is enough.
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    Jan 13, 2002
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    Apple will outlast its rivals well into 2050. By that time Microsoft will only be taught in schools relating to topics such as "why its important to innovate" or "illegal bussines operations leading to collapse"...etc. etc.

    Im not worried about jack. Bring on the innovation. Bump the speeds. Dual the hell out of whatever thats Apple. I dont care. So as long as Apple is who they are ...IM DOWN!
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    Jan 1, 2002
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    Right ON, BROTH-ER!!:D

    Couldn't have said it better myself. Sometimes it's best to stop nitpicking and bitchin' and see things for what they are. Yeah, us techie types are NEVER gonna be happy no matter WHAT the hell they bring out from behind the curtain. Sheesh!! Screw it...when Grandma cruizes by the Apple store in her local shopping mall and buys her FIRST COMPUTER because of the ease of use and good looks and decent price, that's when I shout YES!!

    We're closing the consumer market gap, kids...our 3 to 5 % market share is going to go up, mark my words...and even our Wintel brothers and sisters are takin' a look and sayin' "Wow. That's, uh, pretty cool..I think I might buy one!" Now that's progress in ANYONES' book no matter WHAT the flippin' clock / MHz speeds are.



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