P5+1 Negotiations with Iran

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    Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif layed a wreath at the grave of assassinated Hezbollah military commander, Imad Mughniyeh a terrorist who was killed in 2008 after having spent literally decades killing Americans and others on behalf of his paymasters in Tehran.

    Also "Death to America" is still on the persian pop charts!


    They could just give us the middle finger too or crap on the negotiation agreement.
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    Allah will provide the tools from the infidels themselves, with which to defeat them. semi-:rolleyes:
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    Well, yes. Hm.

    Something which may be overlooked in such discussions is the fact that not all such statements are actually directed at the US, or an audience in the US. There are other audiences in such countries that may need to be soothed, or reassured, in such a context, devout domestic audiences, conservative audiences unsettled by a changing set of political parameters, traditional audiences whose worldview may be challenged and undermined by profound (political) transformations.

    Granted, in a US-centric world, (such as many threads on this forum, much of the US media - even the serious, and sometimes well-informed media) many may choose to see it that way, and see such matters solely through the lens of a US perspective, and the inevitable, somewhat thin-skinned, responses may then ensue.

    However, my sense of this is that the new (democratically elected, in elections regarded as more or less free and fair, somewhat reforming) Government in Iran (which took power in a peaceful transition) are treading a rather careful path, here; three decades of state propaganda are not easily undone, and too drastic a change of direction in tone and content might leave a Government with reformist intentions with less room for leverage or manoeuvre in whatever negotiations are taking place. In other words, one's own domestic radicals may need to be placated and reassured that the true wellsprings of undiluted radical thought are regarded with the same fervour as under earlier regimes.

    Instead, I would suggest that one take a look at what is actually happening, what the respective governments are actually doing, rather than simply focussing on what the respective participants are actually saying in public.
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    At least this time that the US is doing business with Iran, it's not selling weapons to the same regime, so that it can fund an illegal war in Central America.

    That's an improvement in my book.:p

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