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    Page 2

    For those who are unaware, certain stories are posted on

    Page 2 was created to provide a location to post small blurbs and tidbits that may not warrent an entire news item on the main page... as well as a place to post rumors that were felt to be less-reliable, or of unknown and unaccountable reliability (as in an anonymous submission).

    Page 2 rumors and items provide interesting flavor to the already-busy rumor scene, and may represent real information.

    Main Site

    The primary goal of the front page of is to post rumors and links to rumors.

    If rumors are felt to be accurate or true, they will certainly be posted on the main site to gain the most exposure.

    Sites with reliable rumor track records or corroborated information will be posted on the main site. When we have independent confirmtion, that information will be expressed in the body of the news item.

    "Mainstream" sites - such as the New York Post, eeTimes, eWeek, LATimes etc... get the benefit of the doubt and rumors posted there tend to be posted on the main site, as a certain level of trust is implicit.

    The confusion arises with "unknown" sites - sites with unknown track records or unpredictable track records. The most recent examples of this include TopTechTips (Pal) and MacBidouille. If the stories are of sufficient interest/discussion, the stories tend to be posted on the main site. Over time, these sites will migrate based on performance towards Page 2 or remain on the Main Page.

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    Good system, I just hope sites aren't made that they get put on Page 2 over Main page, but I wouldn't expect that to be a problem since both get threads and are posted on.
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    I trust you arn... your always right on so just keep up the good work
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    It's like the (metaphorical) doctors waiting room.
    Rumors waiting to be veryified.

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