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May 14, 2011
I was hoping someone might be able to point out a quick fix for this.

I'd like to have Pages open just the document i have double clicked and not that document, plus the last 5 documents i've recently worked on. I've checked the preferences setting and the usual places (i think) and can't find an easy fix. I am sure this feature is great for some people but i'd rather keep my set-up simple if possible.

While i'm on the subject (and this might be related) what is the rule of thumb with this auto-saving feature? I still get confused if i need to hit 'Save' or do i just quit and presume it's saved it.?

if i open a 'Word' document in pages and was to quit (presuming an auto-save), would it automatically recognise it was originally a Word file and save it as such, or do i have to make sure i select 'Save as Word file' in the Save window.?

Any help appreciated.


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Jan 9, 2007
Covington, WA, USA
Close all documents before you quit Pages to keep it from opening them when you relaunch Pages. You can also use the latest version of TinkerTool to turn off resume for individual applications.

I've found autosave to work well, but never trust autosave to have saved any changes, save manually just to be sure. If you look at the title of the document & it says "edited" next to the name, changes have not been saved. Of course, you must save the file once before autosave can work.

When you open a Word document with Pages the original Word file is not changed. It is translated into a Pages document. Save the Pages file & work on it. When you are done you can then export it as Word.
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