Pages and OneDrive fatal UX flaw

Discussion in 'iOS 11' started by Sheza, Oct 18, 2017.

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    Just come off the phone from a senior Apple tech support person. They've said it's a bug. I say it's a disgrace, but there you go.

    Basically, if you open a Pages file that is stored in OneDrive via the OneDrive integration in the Pages iOS app, unless you manually export it, any changes you make are lost. Forever. With a single press of a button.

    It's probably easier to explain if I just show you the steps:

    1. Open Pages on iPad.
    2. On the left-hand side 'Locations' bar, tap 'OneDrive'.
    3. Open a .pages file from OneDrive.
    4. Make changes to that Pages file in the Pages editor.
    5. Press the 'Documents' button in the top left, because you are done editing your document and/or need to locate another file to work on.
    6. Observe the little animation that shows your document 'minimising' into the screen. Say goodbye to the changes you just made to that document. They're not coming back.
    7. Frantically look for the modified version of the document via the 'Recents' tab in pages. It's not there.
    8. Frantically look for the modified version of the document via the "Pages' folder on iCloud Drive. it's not there.
    9. Frantically look for the modified version of the document on OneDrive. Only the old, original, copy is there.

    What a mess.
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    I was worried for a second there, then noticed it's a Pages thing and not a Word thing. Phew.
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    I wonder if this is a OneDrive problem, or iOS problem (this it will be the same issue with Google drive and Dropbox)
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    For a major new feature in iOS 11 this is shockingly bad. Integrity of user data should always be paramount to any programmer. I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes there in Cupertino lately but it doesn’t look pretty.

    They seem to have major management, execution and quality problems. I don’t know why iOS 11 took such a big backwards step initially. They were playing catch up to iOS 10 all through the betas and struggling to even restore features let alone add new ones. We only just got one of the reachability actions back in 11.1 beta 3.

    Apple completely screwed this release of iOS.

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