Palestinian/Israeli export disputes of wine to Canada

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    Should exports be labeled Palestinian or Israeli? Keep in mind that they were exported from illegally occupied territories in Palestine.

    Battle of the bottle: Palestine activists uncork fight against Israeli settlement wines in Canada - The New Arab
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    The taste is the only thing I'd be concerned about.
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    I suppose it's an interesting arguments. Israeli settlements follow Israeli laws, including customs laws. That said, the rest of the world doesn't exactly recognize the settlements as legitimate. The US's opinion is rather neutral, for example leaving the matter of East Jerusalem up to negotiations. At the same time, a lot of Western countries, including Canada last I checked, don't consider Palestine a state despite the UN's decision to recognize it as a state.

    We have a lot thing "made in the USA" that are really just "assembled" in the USA. Therefore I'm not really concerned that the grapes may not be from Israel proper.

    As to the final labeling, if the company is following Israeli laws in land they declare to be Israel and manufacturing in land that the Israeli government recognizes as Israel, then I am okay with it being called Israeli.

    Honestly, I don't think this has anything to do with Canadians being privy to exactly where there products are coming from. I think it has to do more with financially damaging a company running out of Israeli settlement. If product is "Made in Palestine" I imagine Israel-Canada trade has better incentives than Palestine-Canada.

    I could see labeling the product as being a product of X Israeli settlement being a fair compromise. I think Germany created that requirement.

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