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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by hkriffraff, May 28, 2004.

  1. hkriffraff macrumors regular

    Oct 6, 2003
    I had to do a hard reset on my Palm TT and performed a HotSync on my powerbook (first such backup since I switched from windows to Mac). But I get an error about conflicting conduit settings as follows:

    HotSync 3.2 started 5/29/04 12:56:50 PM
    A conflict in the installed conduits has been detected. This is caused when more than one conduit is using the same PIM data type (e.g., Address Book vs. Contacts). To allow synchronization to proceed, use the Conduit Settings dialog to turn off the extra conduits for this user, or drag the extra conduits to the Disabled Conduits folder.
    The following conduits are in conflict:
    Address Book
    iSync Conduit
    The following conduits are in conflict:
    iSync Conduit
    Date Book
    The following conduits are in conflict:
    iSync Conduit
    To Do List
    Conduit Conflict Notifier halted the HotSync operation during the <Sync OK> notification.
    HotSync Canceled 5/29/04 12:57:04 PM

    I don't see any multiple entries in my conduit settings. Why is this happening and which are the "extra" conduits I'm supposed to disable?
  2. hkriffraff thread starter macrumors regular

    Oct 6, 2003
    Ugh... after another Hotsync, it seemingly went ahead but then was interrupted with something about a localization error. So then I did another hard reset, trashed Palm Desktop and all palm-related apps on my Powerbook, downloaded & installed the latest Palm Desktop and and hoped to start with a totally clean slate.

    But after the first Hotsync, I start getting errors again! What do I do to get to a clean slate? I don't even care about restoring my data or apps anymore.

    HotSync 3.2 started 5/29/04 2:05:48 PM
    Local Synchronization
    OK Install
    iSync Conduit starting 5/29/04 2:05:49 PM
    User tungsten not configured for any iSync data classes 5/29/04 2:05:49 PM
    OK iSync Conduit
    OK Voice Memo
    OK To Do List
    Tasks did nothing
    Media did nothing
    OK PhotoBase
    OK Note Pad
    Memos did nothing
    OK Memo Pad
    Documents To Go Message(s)
    Error accessing Documents To Go user information.
    You must first open the Documents To Go desktop application, select the appropriate Palm user, and synchronize again.

    Error accessing Documents To Go database
    Documents To Go synchronization failed
    “Documents To Go” failed (error = #-2145321003)
    OK Date Book
    Contacts did nothing
    Calendar did nothing
    AppleMail 0.5.0
    Mac OS X SysSccript (0)
    idx=(1) versaMailAccountNo=(1)
    open error(400F)
    AppleMail synchronization failed
    “AppleMail” failed (error = #16399)
    OK Address Book
    OK Install
    Backed up Bluetooth Trusted Devices.pdb
    Backed up Saved Preferences.prc
    OK Backup
    Last sync time and PC ID updated on handheld
    HotSync Complete 5/29/04 2:05:55 PM

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