Panther Kernel Panic + Picture

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by isgoed, Aug 24, 2004.

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    Jun 5, 2003
    I think you would like to see this.

    Have you ever seen a kernel panic in panther 10.3? Well I have seen the decent ones where you are politely asked to restart your computer (due to 3rd party cardbus wireless cards). But an ugly console stream has not appeared to me since i have panther.

    The kernel panic was a real system waster because it happened 10 seconds after start up. I had to reinstall the system to get it running again. And now I have to reinstall all kind of software again like the stuffit engine and developer installation.

    The picture is not really readable, but the greatest part of it seems to be memory addresses. The few recognizable strings were:
    • cisco driver
    • vpn
    I don't know what caused it. When I wanted to boot the computer again after two days since i last used it, it just wouldn't start up the system. Possible things that could be the cause:
    • There was one moment where the system got jammed and i was only able to move my mouse a few seconds per minute. The system restarted fine however
    • Unplugging and plugging in the Network cable
    • I installed CHUD-tools and launched Shark while it was still compiling (optimizing system performance). I thought the install was done because the window of shark installed appeared to me.

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    Coincidentally, I just got my first kernel panic today. :eek:

    I was just playing iTunes, using Finder, and then it all went weird and a message said to hold onto the Power button to shut my computer off.

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