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    May 28, 2003
    Vancouver / Canada
    I recently switched to a Dual 1.25Ghz G4.

    I read about Panther is optimized for the 64bit processors.
    Whats gonna happen to the guys don't want to upgrade their machines to IBM chip. Will I still be able to run Panther? Is it gonna be slower than Jaguar? Did anybody hear anything about this ?

    Thank you.

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    Feb 1, 2002
    Re: Panther

    where'd you read that? on a rumor page absed on pure speculation right. So nobody knows.

    People won't be able to upgrade their machines to the IBM 970. Definiltey not at first, and perhaps not ever (very different architectures for the bus).

    Given that fact, and given the fact that apple is almost certainly not going to put the 970 in every computer they make (iMacs, powerbooks, iBooks will at most have a G4 in them for a while) does it make sense for apple to release a new OS that won't run on 75% of the machines they sell. If Panther will run on those machines, it must be able to work on the older machines with essentially the same architecture right. Sure wouldn't be good for apple to release a new OS, and then not be able to even sell it to anyone and only include it as an OEM.

    So with a little basic reasoning, we see that you have nothing at all to worry about, except for probably having to shell out cash to get 10.3 if you decide you want it.

    There may be some optimizations for the 970 processor, but it will probably be like the G4 transition. OS X is optimized somewhat for the G4, but it works on the G3. its optimized for certain graphics cards (quartz extreme), but works on others. The chances of OS 10.3 being a true, fully 64 bit OS are just about nil.

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