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    Jul 16, 2002
    Excited about Panther? it's worth noting that there's a pretty great band out of New York called Panthers.

    You know, I run Panther, I listen to the Panthers. I don't much like the Pink Panther. Justin, the guitar player is also in another great band called Turing Machine, on Jade Tree.

    From CMJ:

    Restrained, non-confrontational and politically aloof are all pejoratives in the Panthers' lexicon. The Brooklyn-based quintet, featuring past and current members of Turing Machine, Pitchblende and Orchid come out fighting on their debut LP, and with lyrics including "We aren't a band, we're a vandalist committee with stenciled faces and bloody lips/ Align or die," their revolutionary agenda isn't exactly understated. Over the course of 10 rapid-fire tracks, singer Jayson Green rails against art, the system, "pigs" and "squares" while paying tribute to underground politics, Dadaism and of course, James Brown. Propelling the intensity are jerky guitar lines and dissonant fuzzed-out explosions that seamlessly meld old-school punk with D.C.-styled art-rock. Of course, this is far from an artsy endeavor, and at the heart of it all is the restless energy that also fueled type movement from which the bands draws its name. Smashing the system is certainly in style, both musically and lyrically, is arguably more believable than most of their contemporaries. Are You Down?? ignores traditional hooks and revels in solid but far from glossy production, leaving a record that poun

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