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Parallels audio lag on my 2018 Mac mini


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Feb 10, 2019
When I'm watching a video in a web browser through Parallels Desktop 15 there is about a second audio lag. I'm guessing the lag is probably present on other audio but since I don't have a video to see someone talking I can't tell.

I've tried videos on Vimeo and YouTube and the same thing happens. I've tried Windows 10 and Linux and no difference. Obviously different browsers as well. Both Parallels and the OS's including macOS have been updated and restarted. I set the max of 8GB RAM to the VM and my mini with 32 GB has no shortage.

When I'm in macOS watching videos there is no lag whatsoever so my hardware is working. I haven't used Parallels in a long time so maybe this is normal? Does anyone else have this issue and if so have they been able to fix it?
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