Parental Control: Disable Phone / Block Outgoing Calls

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by lcalcote, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. lcalcote macrumors newbie

    Jun 5, 2009

    My toddler loves playing with my iPhone. He loves placing calls to contacts in my phone. How can I stop this from happening? I place the phone into Airplane Mode, but this mode is easily re-enabled through a pop-up displayed when attempting to place a call.

    The restrictions available in iOS 4.2 disable FaceTime and other areas of the phone, but there doesn't seem to be a restricting for placing voice calls. Help.

  2. mrsblake0818 macrumors newbie

    Feb 9, 2012
    did you ever find an answer or solution to this?

    I am having the SAME problem!!!!!
  3. Zxxv macrumors 68040

    Nov 13, 2011
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    Punish them each time they touch your phone.
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    I would suggest getting an old and used iPod touch for the kid. I know it sounds dumb to get an iPod for a toddler, but go on Craigslist and get a really old 1st-gen one. They're cheap.

    This is what we did. You still treat it as a special treat and make them THINK it's really expensive. Don't let them think it's their own personal toy...make sure they know they're "borrowing your very important phone." Even though you bought them a cheap old thing on Craigslists its still good to teach them to respect electronics and to think of them as a special treat.
  5. dadredd macrumors newbie

    Apr 24, 2009
    Block 800 & 900 numbers

    I have a son with disabilities who I would like to give an iPhone but I would like to block some features to keep him out of trouble.
    1) I would like to block all outgoing calls to 800 & 900 numbers
    2) I would like to redirect URLs to a server that checks for content and blocks such as openDNS

    I imagine this request would be true for parents of young children as well.

    Any ideas?
  6. DroidRules, Mar 5, 2012
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    Aug 10, 2010
    Wow really? I'll answer before reading what others wrote. You need to be smarter than your toddler. Put the phone where he can't reach it, pass protect your phone, don't let your toddler touch your phone. You've had a child last long enough to be considered a toddler and you couldn't work this one out on your own? Scary.

    Why does your son need an iPhone? How about a touch. Or if you must give an iPhone maybe jailbreak and use iBlacklist and set up a white list so only those numbers can be called. I don't know if you can block web sites.
  7. JAT macrumors 603

    Dec 31, 2001
    Mpls, MN
    I consider it quite ironic that the OP's post is also old enough to be a toddler when you wrote this reply.

    I agree with this. But if having a phone is necessary, check into the carrier itself. VZW and ATT have parental controls available. And wifi can be controlled at home with almost any router.
  8. Headlighted macrumors member

    Feb 8, 2010

    We got my son an 8gb iPod Touch for an early Christmas gift, put a silicon case on it and to this day constantly teach him how to be gentle with it and care for it. He's 2.5 and has yet to put a scratch on it, he hasnt even dropped it. It has some learning apps, his favourite music, and some TV shows. He only gets it on long car rides or somewhere he has to sit and be quiet for longer periods, never at home. He doesn't even want mommy and daddy's phones anymore. It's made all the difference and hubby and I mention almost everytime he uses it how it's the best money we've spent in a long time.
  9. DroidRules macrumors 65816

    Aug 10, 2010
    LoL my fault for not noticing OP's original date. The statement still stands for all the other parents with the same question.

    I however wasn't saying he (dadredd) shouldn't get his child an iPhone. I was simply asking if an iPod touch is an option. I have a son on the spectrum and he kicks the iPhones ass...... has been from OiPhone!
  10. dadredd macrumors newbie

    Apr 24, 2009
    Call Bocking

    My son has cognitive disabilities. He needs a phone so I can stay in contact with him (on the bus, away at an overnight, etc.) when necessary and visa versa. Having cognitive disabilities as well as normal hormones he is susceptible to color ads (everywhere) that advertise 800 and 900 numbers to call for a "fun" time. I would like to block all 800 and 900 numbers for outgoing (incoming) calls.

    There are apps for the iPhone and Android (or I may create one myself) that directs URL resolution to a site that provides content filters. So Internet access can be solved.

    The service providers provide little in the way of parental control. On Verizon (for a fee) you can block up to 20 phone numbers and I believe that is for incoming calls -- not outgoing calls.

    My best bet is seems is to purchase an older iPhone, jailbreak it and install software for blockage. Stil do not know if it blocks outgoing calls though.
  11. JAT, Mar 6, 2012
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    JAT macrumors 603

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    Mpls, MN
    You are probably right about needing to jailbreak to be most effective, iBlacklist claims to block in/out calls, messages, etc. $12.

    Shut off Safari via Restrictions and install one of those filtered browsers and you should be set.
  12. dadredd macrumors newbie

    Apr 24, 2009
    Block calls and Internet

    For those of you who are interested:

    1) iBlacklist does not do internet filtering. It´s a software that do calls,
    sms, mms, imessages and facetime filters only. For internet content filter,
    I can suggest you a really good one called FirewallIP. Please try that
    software. It´s not mine but it does the job at it´s best.

    2) iBlacklist can block outgoing calls from being made and you can also use
    wildcarded numbers like 1800* to block all calls to/from numbers that starts
    with 1800, as an example.
    In order to enable the outgoing call blocking based on your iBlacklist lists
    and configurations, please go to Extras and turn ON the Parental Control
    option. This will make iBlacklist also blocks outgoing calls, respecting the
    same settings it would block incoming calls.

    I hope I made it clear to you. Thank you.

    iBlacklist Support

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