Passing "old" iPhone to my wife - scenario not covered in FAQs

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by scr1968, Jul 9, 2008.

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    All -

    I think I thoroughly confused the AT&T rep I talked to on the phone. Just want to make sure my logic makes sense here...

    I currently have an Iphone and plan to get the 3G one on Friday if all goes well.

    My wife is currently a Verizon customer. She wants my 2G iPhone. At which point, if it makes sense we would switch to a family plan.

    So, I get my iPhone and erase and reset my old iPhone. At which point she can "re"-activate it and switch her Verizon number over...right? We can do that all through iTunes as if it were a new 2G iPhone? At that point I would then need to call AT&T and move my number and her number into a family plan?

    Or am I better off having the store "re-activate" my old iPhone with her Verizon number and switch to a family plan right there on the spot rather than doing it in two steps.

    I guess the part I don't totally get is - can you merge two numbers into a family plan or do you need to add a line to an existing plan to make it a family plan?


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    Mar 20, 2007
    By porting her number you are both merging and adding a line at the same time.

    I am pretty sure the iPhone 2G can still be activated via the iTunes method.

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