Patriots parade in Boston

Discussion in 'Community' started by saabmp3, Feb 9, 2005.

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    Well, as most of you know, the pats had their parade in Boston yesterday to celebrate winning the superbowl. The cool thing that I want to show everybody are a bunch of ministers from "Old South Church" on boylston St. in Copley sq. They were featured holding signs praising the win! There's even an article about them in today's Boston Globe. I'm going to link to the article

    and a picture!


    This isn't supposed to be a flame or anything for the pats, just congradulating some people on being pretty bold and going out in the middle of alot of roudy fans!

    PS. Am a member of Old South Church, even tho I live on the west coast.
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    I realize this means I'm an idiot, but every time I see this headline I think there's some kind of nationalistic rally going on in the Northeast.
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    Complete coverage of teh Patriots parade on Tuesday. A quarter down the page Parade on left in red "Globe Parade Photos", number 10 is a picture of the steeple at Park Street Church. It's the church that I attend.
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    Fancy and high faluten! :)

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