PB Problems Will they ever stop

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by DickArmAndHarT, Aug 23, 2004.

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    Jul 22, 2004
    I purchased a powebook about 5 months ago and a month ago i had to sent it away to get the latch fixed. I somewhat hope the whole screen would be replaces because it had some scratches but no biggy it wasnt but they did clean out dirt from the hinge which is now much smoother (thanks apple care guy) Since the day i got the computer the screen was uneven but i read that it wuld be called cosmetic damage and not fixed so i didnt even try. And now 5 month later i start up the computer and my screen turns black then red green and blue lines scart appearing virtically on the screen.Then white start around the edges and takes over the screen then it happens all over again. I first start flipping out and hopping my information is still on it in which i have been working on for 5 months. (Videos, photoshops. all sorts of things not backed up) The day before this happened i ordered a 160 gb hd from lacie to back up my things. how ironic. So i call apple care and i was told it was the logic board and they would send me a box. to be fixed. So now im in a delema because my information is on the computer and its not garunteed to be on there after repair. and i cant transfer it over onto the external because my comp isnt working. SO now i had to buy a 30$ cord that has firewire firewire on both ends to hook up to another mac. to tranffer my things. only problem is i dont know anyone with a mac.so now i need to get a ride to a firned who lives 1 hour away just to use his make to back up my information. and this time waiting to do this is more time without my beloved computer and this is time for me out of work. Even stranger of course i couldnt just let it o i had to try to see hwat up with the computer so i hooked it up to a monitor and on the monitor appears my desktop backround picture. So is it a logic board problem i cant tell. I also ordered 1g of ram from crucial which i installed and if they replace my computer will they install that or give it back to me or will it even work in a replacement pb. If they did replace it i wouldnt mind have the increased speed and video card on the new 15 pb 1.33ghz. but what a hassle. i was trying to get my whole family to go mac but now with all the problems im having they dont want to. grr so what do you think they will do and just to maby replace a logic board is it worth backing up my data with a huge hassle or should it not be affected. why cant everthing just be perfect

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