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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by placebo, Nov 4, 2003.

  1. placebo macrumors member

    May 24, 2003
    the following is a convo i had with a friend of mine about PC/Mac's I didn't want to talk about it with him because hes a friend and its just stupid to have this kind of convo with a friend.. oh man. anyway, i pretty much owned him.. i'm placeboeffect11 btw

    21:01:37 hopkinsrob:just give me your opinions on why you don't like windows
    21:01:44 placeboeffect11:nah
    21:01:48 hopkinsrob:why not
    21:01:55 placeboeffect11:lol why do you wanna know so badly fool
    21:02:14 hopkinsrob:bc every apple person i talk to can't give me a reason besides...apple is just better and easier to use
    21:02:24 hopkinsrob:thats all they say
    21:02:32 placeboeffect11:you dont want a computer thats easier and better to use?
    21:02:50 hopkinsrob:u can't get easier than a computer that says START @ the bottom of it!
    21:03:00 placeboeffect11:but why do you need that?
    21:03:18 hopkinsrob:haha
    21:03:36 hopkinsrob:see thats the funny part about apple peeps....you say yours is easier to use but ours basically tells you where to go and do stuff
    21:03:41 hopkinsrob:its very user friendly
    21:03:54 placeboeffect11:so do ours
    21:03:58 placeboeffect11:well, tell me what you think macs cant do
    21:04:47 hopkinsrob:can't use any software out there on the market
    21:04:50 placeboeffect11:like what
    21:04:54 hopkinsrob:everything has to be custom made for the apple
    21:05:17 hopkinsrob:go to any website and pick a program..u have to scroll through til u find a download for an apple...if you even find one @ all
    21:05:30 placeboeffect11:like what?
    21:05:36 hopkinsrob:i don't know any program
    21:05:38 placeboeffect11:lol
    21:05:39 placeboeffect11:name one
    21:05:56 hopkinsrob:just go into compusa and see what u can find
    21:06:06 placeboeffect11:lol but dude if it's so extreme, name one
    21:06:08 hopkinsrob:u HAVE to look on every software item to even see if you can run it on apple
    21:06:34 placeboeffect11:and?
    21:06:41 placeboeffect11:you have to look on every program to see if your computer can handle it or not
    21:06:52 placeboeffect11:whats the big deal on looking to see if it's for apple?
    21:06:54 hopkinsrob:my computer can handle EVERYTHING haha
    21:07:01 hopkinsrob:cause nothing is made for apple
    21:07:04 placeboeffect11:eek:h yea?
    21:07:05 hopkinsrob:everything is pc
    21:07:06 placeboeffect11:like what??
    21:07:08 placeboeffect11:name one!!
    21:07:14 hopkinsrob:OMG
    21:07:22 hopkinsrob:go into a computer store....everything is pc
    21:07:30 hopkinsrob:eek:nly a select few items set aside for apple haha
    21:07:45 hopkinsrob:what can apple do that pc can't ?
    21:08:07 placeboeffect11:not crash?
    21:08:14 placeboeffect11:not continusly get viruses?
    21:08:21 hopkinsrob:UR **** crashes all the time!!
    21:08:25 placeboeffect11:no it doesn't
    21:08:29 hopkinsrob:u had to get a new computer cause it crashed like crazy!!!
    21:08:35 placeboeffect11:lol it didnt crash
    21:08:39 placeboeffect11:the crt went out b/c i put a magnet to it
    21:08:43 hopkinsrob:not what i heard
    21:08:47 placeboeffect11:you heard wrong
    21:08:53 hopkinsrob:i heard your compute crashes alot!!!
    21:08:56 placeboeffect11:lol
    21:08:57 placeboeffect11:nope
    21:08:59 hopkinsrob:mine never crashes
    21:09:19 placeboeffect11:yours might not, but everything at my school is f'ed all the time, not to mention all the virsues
    21:09:37 hopkinsrob:that doesn't mean its bc of xp
    21:09:43 hopkinsrob:just the idiots that don't know what they are doin
    21:09:50 placeboeffect11:but if its so user friendly shouldn't they be able to?
    21:10:08 hopkinsrob:to do basic **** man
    21:10:17 hopkinsrob:alot of the people that do networks
    21:10:18 placeboeffect11:thats all school computers are used for
    21:10:38 hopkinsrob:DON'T put antivirus on each computer they TRUST the network firewall and thats where they mess up
    21:10:58 placeboeffect11:i know for a fact there is a virus protector on each computer at school
    21:11:00 hopkinsrob:cause u can get a virus real quick from anything
    21:11:04 placeboeffect11:i don't
    21:11:11 hopkinsrob:i don't either
    21:11:15 placeboeffect11:but the majority of pcs do
    21:11:16 hopkinsrob:its a matter of how you protect your ****
    21:11:21 placeboeffect11:but i dont protect anything
    21:11:26 placeboeffect11:i dont even own a virus protection software
    21:11:34 hopkinsrob:its BC they are made for pc...apple isn't COMPATIBLE!!!
    21:11:47 placeboeffect11:so you're telling me apple sucks because they don't make viruses for them?
    21:12:02 hopkinsrob:no im saying they aren't compatible with tons of stuff
    21:12:06 hopkinsrob:everything is pc
    21:12:12 placeboeffect11:but you cant name one piece of program that isnt
    21:12:56 placeboeffect11:and if you do, apple has made a parallel
    21:13:04 placeboeffect11:i can do everything a pc can do
    21:13:44 hopkinsrob:i didn't say you couldn't
    21:13:51 placeboeffect11:but you said nothing is compatible with macs
    21:14:01 hopkinsrob:u have to get a special version made for macs
    21:14:10 hopkinsrob:the funniest part is
    21:14:35 hopkinsrob:MAC people hate windows but some of them use office xp and other stuff microsoft makes
    21:15:02 placeboeffect11:eek:k
    21:15:35 hopkinsrob:just never understood that
    21:15:49 placeboeffect11:ppl use stuff they hate all the time, not just in computers
    21:16:38 hopkinsrob:but i know that since i don't care much for mac...im sure as hell not gonna use there software
    21:16:41 hopkinsrob:thats for shizzle
    21:16:45 placeboeffect11:eek:k
    21:17:36 hopkinsrob:u a hacker cracker?
    21:17:37 hopkinsrob:haha
    21:17:48 placeboeffect11:lol no
    21:17:53 hopkinsrob:why not man
    21:18:07 placeboeffect11:http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2003/oct/20itunes.html
    21:18:09 hopkinsrob:its fun looking through computers...especially peeps with macs like u
    21:18:53 hopkinsrob:eek:k
    21:19:04 placeboeffect11:apparently windows users like apple apps too
    21:19:13 hopkinsrob:as nothing to do with apple
    21:19:17 placeboeffect11:lol
    21:19:19 placeboeffect11:how so?
    21:19:31 hopkinsrob:all they view it as is like a different winamp thats all
    21:19:43 placeboeffect11:its more than an mp3 player
    21:19:48 placeboeffect11:you can buy songs for 99 cents
    21:19:52 placeboeffect11:through the store inside itunes
    21:19:54 hopkinsrob:eek:k
    21:20:04 hopkinsrob:u can do that @ alot of different sites
    21:20:10 placeboeffect11:yes but apple was first
    21:20:15 hopkinsrob:i can do that through musicmatch
    21:20:25 placeboeffect11:and apparently it has everything to do with apple, they made the software
    21:20:37 hopkinsrob:apple was the first to do what?
    21:20:50 placeboeffect11:start the use of legal music downloading
    21:20:58 hopkinsrob:last thursday?
    21:20:59 hopkinsrob:haha ok
    21:21:00 placeboeffect11:no
    21:21:08 placeboeffect11:it's been available for macs for month
    21:21:09 placeboeffect11:s
    21:21:23 hopkinsrob:say through musicmatch i got on my computer
    21:21:38 placeboeffect11:musicmatch did it after apple did it on macs
    21:21:49 hopkinsrob:us pc users just don't think u should pay for software or music
    21:21:59 placeboeffect11:apparently 1 million disagree
    21:22:16 placeboeffect11:there are programs for mac that you can download software illegally too
    21:22:26 hopkinsrob:nice
    21:22:38 hopkinsrob:big pirater
    21:22:38 hopkinsrob:haha

    i could go on naming off a thing i like to call "facts" but it wouldn't matter.. give me your opinions please
  2. iJon macrumors 604


    Feb 7, 2002
    your a terrible mac evangelist :)

    but whats wrong with what he said. my windows machine is easy to use, it never crashes, just as stable as my powerbook and g5, mine pc has never gotten a virus either. i dont see what the big deal is. its hard and pointless to switch someone who is happy with their machine. not every windows machine is bad.

  3. placebo thread starter macrumors member

    May 24, 2003
    it's because HE was the one starting the whole argument, i was trying to avoid the whole thing
  4. solvs macrumors 603


    Jun 25, 2002
    LaLaLand, CA
    Sigh, always happens on both sides. People hate Macs and they don't know why, people hate PCs and they don't know why. I use Windows, too, so I have ever right to hate it when it pisses me off. Apple just pisses me off less. Are Macs perfect? No. But they look pretty close when comparing them to PCs sometimes.

    If you're happy with Windows, that's fine. Don't like Apple for valid reasons, that's fine too. But you gotta admit most people just use Windows because that's what there. "Cheaper", "faster". Sad but true.

    My favorite is when they call Macs toys, but then say they won't buy them because it won't run their favorite games. :rolleyes:
  5. manitoubalck macrumors 6502a


    Jul 17, 2003
    Adelaide, Australia
    What a suprise, I posted in this thread:p

    Solvs and iJon make good points, people who haven't had recient experience on either platform can't really make an informed decision or comment.
  6. bousozoku Moderator emeritus

    Jun 25, 2002
    Gone but not forgotten.
    I think that you should stand in the corner for an hour and think about all the bad things you've done in the past 2,500,000 milliseconds or so and learn from the experience. ;)
  7. tazo macrumors 68040


    Apr 6, 2003
    Pacific Northwest, Seattle, WA actually
    Re: pc/mac convo

    Congratulations! You have experienced the averaged "experienced" pc users apple vs. pc debate :rolleyes: Man the number of times I have gotten into that pit of there arent any apps, and then they cant even name one :rolleyes:

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