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Aug 28, 2001
I was at The Wiz and bought and iBook abttery, but thats another story (in the mac help/questions fourn "iBook FW Battery") I saw a person shoping for a computer and she first looked at the iMac, she seemed pleased. Of course I wanted to yell out at that point MACS RULES, DON'T GET A PC! But I am just a mere 15 years old. She would probly look at me and laugh. But I watched behinde her back as she tried out the iMac, the iMac was in its "demo" program in other words "Show Off Mode" There was an icon called "Why a Mac?" she clicked on that one first and read through it. She then played with the iMac for about 5 more minutes then moved to the QuickSilver G4 w/ Flat Panel Display, than to a crappy Wintel with a Flat Panel Display. I trailed off to the CD section (not wanting to look like a stalker) and I saw something that caught my eye, a poor little Mac Display all alone on a Computer Desk. It was $499, now it wasn't flat screen or CRT ("CTR" I forgot how to spell!) I don't kow the name on the monitor though. I wanted to buy it but had only $3.29 Well if you live in New Jersey got to The Wiz by a Petco it is in Central New Jersey. I have no idea what town it is in. But give this poor Mac a home. ANYWAY... I have been seeing a lot of people looking at the New iMacs I think Apple is doing well. :-D


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Jan 18, 2002
behind you
I have a new OLD apple display

I found it in the trash on the street. Its from 1994 and now has a new home on my desk. It still works, but I wouldnt use it over an LCD. Though I don't have one of those either :confused:
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