PCI SATA Cards - What is the state of compatibility?


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Dec 22, 2007
theres been some recent developments over at www.macos9lives.com in the storage section
basically the same guy who was responsible for creating the cards for firmtek is now actively posting on macos9lives forums and has plans to create some new firmware to allow booting macos9

also the answer re; digital audio / quiksilver compatibility has also been revealed there recently


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Mar 9, 2013
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The user is (S)ATAman http://macos9lives.com/smforum/index.php?action=profile;u=5931

Root cause for 3112 and 3114 hanging on Quicksilver + Digital A/V G4 in "sleep"

Highpoint cards - probably no mac rom/drivers

Disk Speed Upgrades (aka The Bootable PCI SATA & SSD thread)

"I have absolutely no need to reverse-engineer it. Guess, why...

Sonnet Tempo ATA 133 PCI

"Not only that, I just got the green light from Sonnet.
No need to modify your card, only flash properly with the factory flash utility.
Would be nice to have it posted somewhere here, for everyone's benefit.

Sonnet does not see any business with UltraTek/100/133/Trio. So why not make the factory flash public?
Benefits you - and indirectly benefits me if you are happy."

silicon image pb3124 - sata 300 speed for powermac g4

"Among others wrote the ATA driver while with FWB - but that was in 1994 and there were other things later

Now spending much more time with NVMe and SAS than with ATA or SATA "

"Thanks - but looking today at my 3124 code from 2005 I see how bad it is.
I do have a Frodo and luckily I found the entire documentation in an old email.

Since 3124 is in very advanced state (it needs few days of update and clean-up on "X", nothing in FCode and porting "X" to "9") it makes the biggest sense now.

3112 and 3114 would be even easier - if not the problem with the Micrel regulator. That regulator spoils all the fun.
Even 3112 cards made by Adaptec have the regulator problem.

I will "open" both 3112 and 3114 ultimately but they will be maybe even after Frodo: Frodo is cheap, there is plenty, it is 64-bit and has at minimum 4 ports, at maximum 8.

So the plan for this year is 3124 first, than Frodo."

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Nov 7, 2004
Having followed the guidance in the MacOS9lives thread linked above, I have succeeded in getting the 3112 based card to start in both a DA and a QS2002 and to display the SeriTek Firmware in System Profiler. It required replacing the AMC1117 3.3v controller with a MIC29150 3.3v controller chip in addition to replacing the BIOS chip.

So, I have managed to test SATA bootable support from my 9600 right through to my MDD from MacOS7.6 to 9.2.2 and from 10.4.0 to 10.5.8 with the SeriTek 1S2 firmware.

Details and some pictures here: http://macos9lives.com/smforum/index.php/topic,5279.0.html