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    Great news for America. Remember, polls are the **** as @Hieveryone has repeated numerous times.

    Donald Trump's poll numbers took a nosedive in the first national survey after Iowa
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    still first among democrats; bwahahahahahahahahahahahahha
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    Funny someone brings up NOSEDIVE, as Trump has bigger issues to deal with than polls.

    If one is going to gloat that they don't care because they are 'rich', they better make sure that their toys are in working order before gloating.

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    The Trump phenomenon is interesting in a number of ways.

    Not the least of which is that it has exposed the fundamental schism between the Evangelical Christian wing of the Republican party; and the angry white guy bloc they have exploited since the days of the "Reagan Democrats."

    I think it was perhaps easy for the Republicans to keep these two groups united when the "enemy" was Barack Obama. But seven years of hating on Obama, and with the Republicans in control of Congress for a big chunk of that time - hasn't really paid off for those guys. The Evangelicals are mad because of gay marriage, abortion hasn't been criminalized, and the resentful belief that they don't get enough "respect" from the Republican hierarchy. (Although its hard for me to imagine what more they want..)

    The angry white guys? They just like being angry. They want to see things smashed up: be it Monster Trucks; Bank of America; or a few million latino families.

    And so when a loud mouthed oaf like Donald Trump comes along, the angry white guys embrace him. And they don't really give two hoots that Donald Trump - in word, thought, and deed - is probably the most "unChristian" person imaginable.

    Listen to Act One of last week's This American Life, "I Thought I Knew You" where they speak to Tony Bream, host of Christian Worldview Today - a conservative, Evangelical radio talkshow in South Carolina. Like a lot of Evangelicals, he's finding out that many of the people tuning in don't really share the same Weltanschauung.
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    Losing 30% in a poll after you lost a caucus is no laughing matter. That's yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooge.
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    It just shows how fundamentally inaccurate these constant polls are.

    I think I mentioned somewhere in a previous thread that Trump's big lead could turn out to be a false positive - and so it proves.
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    Sadly national polls mean almost nothing, according to your link Trump is still up by 20% in New Hampshire.
    If Trump gets a big win in New Hampshire then that might still help him to get his numbers up in the next few states. And if Cruz ends up in third or even worse in New Hampshire he'll have a harder time getting the crazies to him instead of Trump later on.
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    The real reason Trump lost Iowa.

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