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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by MrJohnson, Aug 15, 2004.

  1. MrJohnson macrumors member

    Apr 18, 2004
    Hello, I am new to this forum but I have been lurking for a while.

    I am not wealthy enough to own a mac right now though I am saving up (I'm only $500 away from my powerbook :))

    Anyways I do use Windows XP right now and I would like to post screenshots for the rest of you of my emulating ppc to run my copy of Mac OSX (10.3.4).

    I don't have a host that'll let me post right now on this forum so if someone could provide one that would be great.

    The specs of my computer are

    AMD Athlon XP 2200+ (TB)
    512MB DDR2700 (not dual channel)
    Shuttle AN35N-Ultra
    Radeon 9800 PRO

    Though the emulator runs 15 times slower than my 2200+ it is usable at this speed, though still extremly slow. I would say it's on par with a 300Mhz G3 or so.

    I can create a guide for you guys if you like too.

    Anyways, also nice to meet you guys.
  2. paxtonandrew macrumors 6502

    May 10, 2004
    I Come From A Land Down Under
    Hello, and welcome to the forums,

    On topic; have you looked on eBay? If not, you can get a 500+ mhz iBook for about $500. This would act as a decent introduction to OSX, and if you don't seem to take the switch, you can then go back to your peecee. PearPC is really too slow to use at all. All the programmers have done is a proof of concept thing, to show than you can emulate Mac. I believe that buying a used iBook to get used to Mac, and then when you have enough money, you can look at a new PowerBook or iBook.

    I hope this is of some assistance
  3. RacerX macrumors 65832

    Aug 2, 2004
    Funny, on the fastest system I've seen PearPC on it was running more along the lines of a 60 MHz 601. A 300MHz G3 is a totally usable system with Mac OS X and PearPC hasn't gotten anywhere close to that so far.

    And odds are you have more than enough money to get a Mac today (and still have more than enough money left over for software too).

    For some reason people from the PC side of the tracks seem to think that the only way to buy a Mac is to spend top dollar. I have (total investment over the life of this system) less than $1000 in this PowerBook which Apple released in 1998, I've been using it happily for 4 years now. Currently I have a G4/500 in this system with 512 MB of RAM.

    And if you are buying a new Mac, unless you are doing it for bragging rights, the lower end systems are more than faster enough for most tasks. My next Mac will must likely be an eMac or an iBook (when and if this PowerBook starts showing it's age).

    As for PearPC on your system, instead of showing screen shots (which is not much more than Mac OS X in a window on a Windows system), why not post benchmarks. You could run Xbench to see just how fast your PearPC system really is compared to real hardware. It might also give you a better idea of what would work as far as real hardware in meeting your needs.
  4. MrJohnson thread starter macrumors member

    Apr 18, 2004
    I'm saving up for a bottom end powerbook which I'll load up with ram (probably 768 (512mb from crucial)) I am really trying to wait for the G5 or atleast the next revision of the powerbook. After my student discount this leaves me with plenty of money. I'm staying away from refurb and used stuff as I really don't trust ebay. I'm not spending top dollar I just want a mobile laptop and I would rather have a powerbook because I like it better than the ibook. (faster, looks nicer, lighter and smaller). I am going to use this for my trip to japan.

    Also benchmarks comming up :).
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    Dec 7, 2002
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