Pelosi wins speakership; Hoyer to be majority leader

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by Thomas Veil, Nov 17, 2006.

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    Thomas Veil

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    Fine. I'm not sure why Pelosi was so insistent on Murtha, who wasn't the best symbolic choice given that he's been associated (fairly or unfairly) with scandal. You just got elected to Washington to clean the place up, you need someone who is not tainted.

    As an aside, I normally cut the inactive links out --

    -- when quoting articles, but I left this one in on purpose, because it's just so idiotic. What the hell is wrong with you, CNN? You're a news site, not People magazine. :mad:
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    I hadn't heard anything about his "scandal" before she embraced him. I think she just thought he was a sure thing and wanted to make her alliance clear. Plus, he's kinda a figurehead for the people who've actually served in the military who aren't ultra libs (despite what Fox News says) who are against the Iraq war. But the "liberal" media is trying to turn this into some big deal about how the Dems can't get along, and strife among their party, or whatever.

    They've already gotten over it and are moving on to bigger and better things as it was a pretty friendly contest, and Murtha's got better things to do anyway, so we should just get over it too and move forward.

    And are you actually surprised that CNN is being stupid? It's CNN. They are the People on the news networks.

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