Pentagon Seeks to Shut Dozens of Bases Across Nation

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    Jul 18, 2002

    okay, boys and girls, let's do a little red/blue state analysis. using data from a breakdown found here, for each state i took the net gain/loss (this includes military and civilian) and totalled by who the state went for, presidentially, in 2004. here's what i found...

    red states: net gain of 11,861
    blue states: net loss of 24,289

    with 31 red states and 20 blues states, including DC, per state this becomes:
    red: net gain of 383 per state
    blue: net loss of 1214 per state

    what about number of states in each category that had net gains or net losses?
    red: 14 states gain, 17 states lose
    blue: 8 states gain, 13 states lose (interesting data point: NH had a net gain of 4)

    what about the bush states?
    - texas was #3 with a gain of 6150
    - florida gained 2757

    biggest loser:
    - joe lieberman's own CT lost 8586. guess it doesn't pay to appease, joe.

    i'm attaching a pdf of my spreadsheet, should anyone want to doublecheck my data entry.

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    I'd also note that Maine is slated to lose all 3 of it's bases. Coincidentally, Maine has two of the moderate GOP senators whose votes are desperately needed to enact the nuclear option.

    Now I know the GOP would NEVER play politics with our national defense, but that could be a pretty effective way of twisting the arm of someone like Snowe. Not that the GOP would ever play dirty like that of course...

    Also, I recall the argument for Thune's election in SD being partly based on the fact that he'd be better able to wrangle keeping the military bases there than Daschele would.

    And who's the big winner in this? Southern States!

    It's got to be coincidental. ;)
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    Don't panic

    Jan 30, 2004
    having a drink at Milliways
    and once again I have to stop working and throw up a bit.
    man, these coincidences surely make me sick...
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    Jul 23, 2002
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    Oh how they howled when Clinton downsized the military!
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    Yeah couldn't get enough of the 'Clinton crippled the military just when we needed it to fight terrorism' argument at the time... Now the shoe's on the other foot, but will the Dems be willing to attack with that ammo? IMO they should... it'll help them build up their national defense bona fides.

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